Saturday, April 5, 2014

American Feudalism - 9

MoreDough Castle -- The Eye of Sauron (all photos by Guardian)
The Supreme Five have given the go ahead for the Epigovernment to put their wealthy weight upon the scales of justice, the scales of the news media, the scales of electoral politics, and the scales of our culture.

Basically they repeated the Occupy Wall Street complaint that "money talks", but in doing so in their own Supreme Five Speak they cleared things up by saying that "when money talks our party listens" to the jingle-jangled power rhythms of our bustling plutocracy (The Supremes Are Well Oiled - 3).

"Oh," they continued, "and American money is printed with the ink of 'protected speech' under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, so long as it is printed by our plutocratic 3D printers" to wit:
The right to participate in democracy through political contributions is
Supreme Headquarters
protected by the First Amendment, but that right is not absolute. Congress may regulate campaign contributions to protect against corruption or the appearance of corruption ... It may not, however, regulate contributions simply to reduce the amount of money in politics, or to restrict the political participation of some in order to enhance the relative influence of others.
(McCutcheon v FEC). Oyez, Oyez, oh yeah, oh yeah sayeth the vassals, because now only the Supreme Five can "restrict the political participation of some in order to enhance the relative influence of others."

A serf's home is his master's castle
Legal critics say that this bastard child of Foreign Citizens United v FEC is "protecting speech", not "protected speech."

This is so, because MoreDough Speech has been protecting the vassals who live on the Iron Islands along the Bubble Coast, just east of the terminus of Highway 61.

The "United States" are not so united, America is not so democratic, and the supreme umpire of the private empire is also experiencing one decline after another decline (A Decline Of The American Republic - 3).

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