Monday, April 7, 2014

The Rehabilitation of High Priest Bush II - 2

"Like, if you want my bro to be next preznit"
The alchemists, witchy brewers, and warmongering filth peddlers in McTell News, who work feverishly for the Epigovernment, are all aTwitter and very exuberant over something they can't get over.

They miss the genetic descendants of Oilah Akbar, that is, they miss those who engineered global pollution caused global warming, and who still haphazardly lead Oil-Qaeda, yes, they miss the oil barons who are still prominent in the evolution of the death of our current civilization.

"It ain't no dynasty from Dallas"
The Supreme Five, who, in Foreign Citizens United v FEC and McCutcheon v FEC let loose one of the few restraints remaining on the 1% Plutocracy's ability to outright buy elections, by putting elections on sale at a discount.

It is just another coup in a long line of incremental coups that have been changing America into Amurka (A Tale of Coup Cities, A Tale of Coup Cities - 9).

Not many would have thought that they would ever try to rehabilitate the bushies in the eyes of the public, but Dredd Blog did:
Jeb Bush can't run for president unless and until his Big Brother Bush II is seen in a better light.

MOMCOM is going to try to wash the brains of the people, yes, scrub them so hard that her favorite bushie will be loved by all once again.

Don't misunderestimate High Priest Bush II, or misunderinvestigate this seemingly impossible propaganda task, because they are deceit on steroids.
(Dredd Blog, November 9, 2010; cf. Leadership: The Lost Art). Now that the traffic cop on steroids, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, has soiled his pants, Jebber The Whut is going to try to step into his large shoes.

Meanwhile, Karl "We Make Reality" Rove has promised the Jebber that he can win, for a cool billion buckos ("thanks supreme five"), and all the sycophants have nodded their wobble-heads toward heaven, praising Saint Adelson of Las Vegas.

So, the horse-shit race is on.

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