Friday, December 20, 2013

The Evolution of Song Truth - 3

Why can't we live as one?
In this series we have been noticing "song truth", whether it is found directly within the lyrics of songs, or whether it is found in a song's implications.

In today's post let's consider the scientific truth (it's Friday after all) that we have found, and let's consider it along with some song truth.

Gilda Radner once said that "comedy is truth, only faster", so why not "song truth is truth, only more melodious" as an adjunct to that?

The Ecocosmology Blog deals with the subject of the Sun we all live under, as well as some of the almost timeless import of that reality, so, for today's Dredd Blog post the song truth we will consider (so as to compare it with some almost timeless cosmic scientific truth) has these almost timeless lyrics in it:

'cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under the same moon
Then why, why can't we live as one
'cause we all live under the same sky
We all look up at the same stars
Then why, tell me why can't we live as one

(Under The Same Sun, by The Scorpions, see video below). It is obvious that we live under the same Sun, Moon, and Stars, so the lyrics in that song are true.

The impetus in the song is that we should live as one, which brings up some scientific truth and extrapolations from it:
1) The stars like our Sun, at the center of all solar systems, will support life forms for an amount of time, but will then destroy life on the planets near them at an unknown time during each solar system's developmental life cycle.
a) For stars that are late K thru M, such as red dwarfs, this applies to the deadly outbursts, that come short of physical destruction, of the planets orbiting close to that type star.
2) That final catastrophic event (destruction of life on inner planets), and all events leading up to it, comprise "The Test" (This test is composed of all the preliminary and final evolutionary requirements for the life forms on all planets near central stars. The Test works as a wall, moat, or barrier, to divide those species who may continue to live in the physical universe from those who may not).

3) To pass The Test, intelligent life forms inhabiting any planet will be required to:
a) first learn to live and work together within, and in accord with, their planet's ecosystem, and to substantially coexist with all the other species on that planet, while overcoming any toxins of power that are contrary to social harmony;

b) develop technology that produces space vehicles able to substantially meet or exceed the speed of light;

c) find another solar system with a habitable planet which contains a central star still having enough time left in its stellar life cycle for them to colonize a habitable planet in that solar system (since it is unknown whether the toxins of power are to be found on all planets, as they are found on Earth, that possibility should be taken into consideration when selecting any new planet or moon as a home world); Note: since red dwarfs are the most stable and most abundant stars, they should be favored over Sun-like stars;

d) colonize that habitable planet, and then improve ecocosmological skills as needed;

e) then repeat the entire process ad infinitum;

f) or, experience a morph into another "species" free from that type of solar/planetary cosmic dependence.
4) The seeds of intelligence (genetic and memetic clues) required to successfully perform The Test are distributed into all species, races, religions, sciences, creeds, and genders. Thus, all individuals should be respected as carriers of some quanta of the seed of intelligence required to pass The Test, lest a fundamental quantum of necessary intelligence be lost.
(Tenets of Ecocosmology). That vibrant Sun which we are currently under, which supports life now, at some time in the future (when it begins to die out), will take all life on Earth with it.

There are several Dredd Blog series that deal with how we are dependent on Earth life, even down to the too-small-to-see-with-eyes-only microbes and viruses (see e.g. The Human Microbiome Congress, Ecosystems & Microbes, and On The New Meaning of "Human" - 2).

Scientists tell us that microbes from our pets can help us with some of our allergies (Dog. microbes, allergies), that we descend from some ancient species (Basal Animal Ancestor - another reason to buy stock in Textbook Publishing Companies LOL), and that we are recent in that scheme of the things of time (Oldest Hominin DNA).

So, why can't we live as one as we reach for the stars (A Lovely Planet In The Neighborhood? - 3)?

The previous post in this series is here.

"Under The Same Sun", by The Scorpions:

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