Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Killed More Of US Than They Did - 2

Our real or imagined enemies used to kill more of us than we killed of ourselves.

That is what one would expect with "The War on Terror", assuming that such a concept is a part of reality.

 At least that is how they did it in the old days of "good wars" like WW II when suicides totaled numbers that said fewer Americans were killing themselves than the enemy was killing.

Today we take a look back to a Dredd Blog post on this date in 2009 when that began to change for some reason:

In a recent article here we asked who is the enemy, took ourselves back to a very popular president who warned us to beware of militarism, and mused that we would be better off economically if we just invaded ourselves.

The military is very stingy with data which they think puts them in a bad light. For instance, they have not been allowing the public to even view coffins of the dead coming back from Iraq.

But they, for some reason, have had to disclose that suicides killed more soldiers last month than the wars did:
The Army is investigating a stunning number of suicides in January — a count that could surpass all combat deaths on America's two warfronts last month.
(Fox News). I think we must congratulate them for not covering up this news item.

The old saying that "many hands lighten the load" reminds me that they would do well to let many psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, in and out of the military, take a meaningful look at this trend.

Then do some treatment.

So what of today's world after ten years of "getting rid of terrorists?"

Both the civilian American population, as well as the military American population, kill more of ourselves by suicide than "the enemy" does (see Suicide Number One and Surge of Snap Sergeants).

I can hear some nutters saying "see, the 'War on Terror' worked because the 'turrists' are not killing as many of us as we are now, so if we had not invaded nations around the world they would be killing more of us than we are."

Notice that the suicide rates began to go up when we went after the phantom terrorists, and still continues to do so as our phantom wars continue.

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