Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Peak of The Oil Lies - 4

Oil-Qaeda Spokesperson
In this series we are discussing how Oil-Qaeda has begun to spend tons of money at McTell News to convince us that dirty fossil fuels will last forever.

This latest mythology from Bullshitistan (Oil-Qaeda Propaganda HQ) is a cornucopian fairy tale about a never-ending supply of a finite substance.

The reason Oil-Qaeda continues to deceive the public is their need to protect what they think are their best interests, by dumbing down and hiding the reality from the public.

An expert who is aware of Oil-Qaeda's propaganda campaign on the subject should be heard:
Oil-Qaeda Syringe
... there are more than enough fossil fuels in the ground to drive an accelerated rush to the most extreme scenarios of climate catastrophe.

... oil prices would be much higher if not for the fact that governments are heavily subsidising fossil fuels. The WEO revealed that fossil fuel subsidies increased 30 percent to $523 billion in 2011, masking the threat of high prices.

Therefore, world conventional oil production is already on a fluctuating plateau and we are increasingly dependent on more expensive unconventional sources. The age of cheap oil abundance is over.
(Great Oil Swindle, emphasis added; cf. this, this, & this). The price you pay at the pump has hidden costs that are a form of tax taken from you and given to Oil-Qaeda.

That is because the peak oil -- that is the peak of old timey cheap oil ("conventional oil")  -- has already been reached.

We are now on the stair steps going downward in a spiral of increasing oil prices, because the low hanging fruit has already been picked, thus, the increasingly-inferior-quality stuff in the ground is more and more difficult to get.
Another Oil-Qaeda Syringe

Like all terrorists who commit suicide as they kill as many others as they can, Oil-Qaeda seems to have forgotten that by killing civilization's future with an addiction to a finite drug that is getting lower in inventory each day, they are going to fade away along with civilization (even if some Oil-Qaeda religious zealots may think they are going to heaven or nirvana forevermore).

The whoopie doo is that even if there is enough oil left to cause the global temperature average to rise two or more degrees, civilization is going tits up anyway, and Oil-Qaeda will have no country to sell dirty oil to anyway.

So, the truth to focus on is that there is a narrow window of time left within which civilization must convert to renewable resources.

That narrow amount of time will come whether we use up all remaining fossil fuels ("oil is the lifeblood" of current civilization), or whether we only use enough of what remains to destroy civilization through pollution.

That is one of the penalties Oil-Qaeda is paying for using propaganda -- the one deceiving everyone else likewise becomes deceived themselves before too long.

Even decades ago scientists were aware of the finite nature of fossil fuel:
“We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature's inexhaustible sources of energy — sun, wind and tide. ... I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out ...”
(Thomas Edison, 1931, emphasis added). When the powers of government and Oil-Qaeda joined forces to addict civilization to deadly, finite fossil fuel usage, that was The Peak of Sanity.

The mental health of civilization has not improved since then.

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