Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Who Do You Love?

i walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire,
i got a Cobra Snake for a necktie,
i got a brand new House by the Road side,
Maid out of rattlesnake hyde!

i got a little-Bitty chimney made on top,
made from the Human skull,
come on, take (a little walk with Me?),
Ayn tell me who do you Love?

Come on Arlene, take me by the hand,
let me know you'll Understand,
whodoo ... you Love? ...

I died nine times on The midnight train,
been Through the fire and cold dark rain,
who do you Love? ...

I've got a graveyard hand in a tombstone mine,
just twenty-one and I don't Mind Dying,
who do you love?
tell me who do you Love? ...