Friday, August 3, 2012

The Matrix of Plunder - 2

Black Beard
Today we remember how long Dredd Blog has been pointing out the plunder that is being done to the middle class and poor.

On this date in 2009 Dredd Blog pointed out:

We have been discussing over the past months how the robber barons vanished, not by geographical movement, but by morphing into the plunder barons, aided by the removal of laws that had made certain types of robbery a crime.

There is a smooth technique being used whereby the treasury money of the people is plundered, and those doing the plundering may even get distinguished service medals:
Wall Street banks are reaping outsized profits by trading with the Federal Reserve, raising questions about whether the central bank is driving hard enough bargains in its dealings with private sector counterparties, officials and industry executives say.

The Fed has emerged as one of Wall Street’s biggest customers during the financial crisis, buying massive amounts of securities to help stabilise the markets. In some cases, such as the market for mortgage-backed securities, the Fed buys more bonds than any other party.
(Financial Times [Wayback Machine version]). Isn't that convenient?

The main functionary of plunder of the American people should not be forgotten in all this, lest we consider the problem to be a simple one to solve, and misunderstimate the nature of the disease we face and who is doing it to us.

One insider who is wise to it was on Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning. Dylan Ratigan, who has a program called Morning Meeting on MSNBC, is wise to some of the schemes that are plundering the United States and he points it out.

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