Monday, March 26, 2012

War Is Just Another Word For Oppression

The War on non-GOP Voters
The "war" on drugs, the "war" on terrorism, and the "war" on "voter fraud" all originated at the same place, and are still coming from that same place.

Interestingly, the neoCon notion of war as a cure for every malady also engendered a "war" against the "liberal" media, a media which Dredd Blog has shown, does not even exist.

Let's move on in this post to see that these things originated during the Nixon regime, which was heavily populated with neoCons.

NeoCons who eventually either ended up in federal prison for illegal felony activities, or for trying to cover up those illegal activities, and/or by lying to federal officials during various and sundry investigations into the Watergate Scandal.

Let's start now by remembering that Pat Buchanan, an official in the Nixon regime who somehow ducked Watergate prosecution, was just recently fired from the "liberal" MSNBC news regatta, where he spewed neoCon talking points incessantly, and where he began to promote his latest, racist book.

Yes, lets go all the way back to the nest where Buchanan was hatched, the Nixon regime:
... a grand and highly successful Republican Party strategy of using racially coded political appeals on issues of crime and welfare to attract poor and working class white voters who were resentful of, and threatened by, desegregation, busing, and affirmative action. In the words of H.R. Haldeman, President Richard Nixon’s White House Chief of Staff: “[T]he whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.”
(Tom Dispatch Book Review, emphasis added). In that same nest they originated an attack on the press:
After the Goldwater defeat of 1964, conservatism was a dirty word and most Americans wanted to be liberals, especially working people, who were highly unionized. Lee Atwater and colleagues, working for the 1968 Nixon campaign, had a problem: How to get a significant number of working people to become conservative enough to vote for Nixon.

They intuited what I have since called "biconceptualism" (see The Political Mind) -- the fact that many Americans have both conservative and progressive views, but in different contexts and on different issues. Mutual inhibition in brain circuitry means the strengthening of one weakens the other. They found a way to both strengthen conservative views and weaken liberal views, creating a conservative populism. Here's how they did it.

They realized that by the late 60's many working people were disturbed by the anti-war demonstrations; so Nixon ran on anti-communism. They noticed that many working men were upset by radical feminists. So they pushed traditional family values. And they realized that, after the civil rights legislation, many working men, especially in the South, were threatened by blacks. So they ran Nixon on law and order. At the same time, they created the concept of "the liberal elite" -- the tax and spend liberals, the liberal media, the Hollywood liberals, the limousine liberals, and so on. They created language for all these ideas and have been repeating it ever since.
(Origin of The "Liberal Media" Meme). You will remember, that, among others in the Nixon regime, H.R. Haldeman was imprisoned, along with John Mitchell, the Attorney General of the United States, another Nixon loyalist.

The Nixon gang initiated a war on non-GOP voters, starting with the Democratic Headquarters in the Watergate complex, then used the notion of a "war on drugs", which eventually shut down male black voters and black families, as well as a war on "the liberal press", saying they were soft on black crime.

They now prosecute a war on phantom "voter fraud", using boiler plate text written by a swift-boat type political PAC, ALEC.

They have used ALEC to synchronize voter ID laws in states across the nation, an overt attempt to thwart voters who vote for democrats and independents.

And finally, they have initiated a "war on women", evidently because they think that the majority of women tend to overwhelmingly vote democratic, especially in presidential elections when women's privacy rights become an issue.

These Smart ALEC's are going down like the Nixon gang did.

The "war" on the Constitution:

The War on Terrorism, the Constitution, and Civil Liberties (Video) from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo.


  1. These Smart ALEC's are going down like the Nixon gang did.

    It can't happen soon enough.

  2. A grandmother was given life without parole on a first-time drug charge, when she did not know of the drugs, see them, touch them. or much of anything else.

    What inglorious bastards.