Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Come De Conservative Judges - 3

An Olde Ruling In My Flavor
The history of posts on this subject of a very conservative federal judiciary was laid out in the previous post in this series.

That post also happened to present a history of evolution from left to right within the federal judiciary, concluding with the point that currently the federal judiciary is more right-wing than at any time since ~1937.

The federal Supreme Court this week is doing what Dredd Blog expected to be one result of this "natural evolution" one would expect from that ongoing metamorphic phenomenon.

As was pointed out in the post Conservative Judiciary vs. Obama, we identified a phenomenon that is "down stream" from their coronation of Bush I, which said coronation began this current acceleration of the national demise, which we said would eventually also engender "confrontation" with the Obama folks.

The term "get backs" comes to mind, especially after Obama castigated The Supreme Five, for their Citizens United v FEC decision, in a State of The Union Address.

Now they are considering health care reform, which evidently the Obama Regime considered to be the crown jewel of "the first four years."

Be all that as it may, in today's post I wanted to point out how all of this "reasoning" is psychologically detached from reality.

Fundamentally, what is happening is a clash of what the opposing parties consider to be a clash of "reason", but what modern scientists now know is not reason at all.

The parties' concept of reason is so 18th century, as we pointed out in yesterday's post concerning social dementia:
What we see, hear, smell, taste, and experience via other sensory input, goes through our amygdala before it ever reaches the area of our conscious brain (see e.g. The Toxic Bridge To Everywhere, a post with some focus on fear-based damage to the amygdala as one source of social dementia.)

The amygdala can and does sometimes actually become like a PR (public relations) firm within the brain, which "spins" everything to fit our culture's world view, in effect to deceive us, or to render us socially demented (which can be simply defined as "becoming a member of a culture, meme complex, group, or society that is out of touch with reality").

I mean this in the sense of a meme complex or group, that has been affected by ruling group mind (RGM), for example.

This explains, for another example, why conservatives deny global warming, in the sense that they are a group, a sub-culture, or a meme complex. One which does not understand how to reason, because they actually don't know what reason is.

Let's finish this post with a video of Professor George Lakoff discussing some cultural out-of-touch issues, especially our society's utterly false notion of "reason" based on 18th century academics ...
(Etiology of Social Dementia). That link to the post "Why Conservatives Deny Global Warming", in the above quote, discusses conservatives who now have the majority on the Supreme Court, on federal appellate courts, and in the federal district courts.

They have a "special" way of doing what they call "reason."

That faux form of reasoning, according to formal logic (since it begins with a false premise), must end up with a false deduction, a false conclusion.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.


  1. "You can't trust water: Even a straight stick turns crooked in it." - W. C. Fields

    Lotsa rain in D.C. this spring.

  2. The right wing in the Senate is blocking judicial nominees so as to preserve the current right wing bias in the judiciary. Link