Friday, March 30, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Helps Democrats

Pig Headed Potty Mouth On Steroids
On Morning Joe of MSNBC, today, Willie Geist pointed out that republicans are down 25 points with women, following what Joe Scarborough calls the "chain the women to the stove in the kitchen" plank in their ugly ongoing platform.

A real loser strategy, a real FAIL strategy for sure, thanks in large measure to Rush "Xanax The Spud" Limbaugh, who went pig-time potty mouth several weeks ago, picking on a woman college student with words that damaged the republicans, and sparked outrage in sensible people around the nation.
Not Just For The Primary Anymore

Rick "3 Is The Loneliest Number" Perry implemented a state of Texas version of this loser strategy, which cost the state tens of millions in federal dollars, not to mention the votes of sensible people there in the state of secession.

And now, Rick "Science Is A Hoax" Santorum, who is not satisfied with having been crushed in his loser election that removed him from the Senate, is developing a strategy that may net him a loss in the upcoming primary in his home state.

That strategery was enough to trigger several endorsements for Mitt "I Laugh When Factories Close" Romney.

One of those endorsers, Bush I, said: "it is not time to hold 'em, it is time to fold 'em", evidently thinking that there are already enough six-shooter holes in the "foot area" of cowboy boots worn by republican candidates; holes put there by republican candidates themselves.

Now, they are all walking around scared, thinking "what could be worse?", to suddenly cringe when they realize what could be worse ("an endorsement" from a certain ex High Priest In Chief).

Then they strongly pray for hope they can believe in: Bush "Childruns Do Learn" II endorsing the other guy.

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