Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bush II Eradicated The Robber Barons - 2

We have discussed how Barry, due to some perverse romantic blindness, has been wont to read up on "Reaganomics";

How the voodoo economics of MOMCOM is being perpetuated by the dubyaspeak family ideology of Wall Street;

How the policy is a simple full on, full speed ahead in the W direction, Titanic disaster;

How homes, jobs, life savings, and the American Dream are being "shipped overseas" to the foreign but "popular" war zone, while here at home health care is seen as the number one enemy of the warsters.

But now lets go back to remember what all that dubyaspeak did in our recent financial, economic history:
Even the FDIC fund used to cover these 130 failed banks this year has been running short of money.

So while banks are getting trillions in bailout money, banks are going down in near record numbers? Lets dig deeper.

The graph above shows the military economy going straight up through the roof at the same time that banks are going down and while the domestic economy tanks into the basement.

There are several obvious things wrong with this picture, however, I want to focus on a hidden economic "mystery" that the MSM will not yet talk about.

The red vertical line shows when "the most expensive public works legislation in US history" was passed.

The green line shows a reasonable time frame, following the passage of that bill into law, until "shovel ready" projects could have begun to receive funding pursuant to that public works spending revolution.

The mystery is that the domestic non-military trend line stays flat while the military trend line keeps climbing.
(Six More Banks Bite The Dust, Dec. 2009). In the previous post of this series we discussed how the Bush II regime "eradicated" the robber barons, which brought on the plunder barons, along with the age of plunder.

Anymore, it seems that the only way we will hear of the plunder of the citizens of the USA by the big bank system of too big too jail, is through archeology 300 years from now:
Archeologists recovered the first anchor from what's believed to be the wreck of the pirate Blackbeard's flagship off the North Carolina coast on Friday, a move that might change plans about how to save the rest of the almost 300-year-old artifacts from the central part of the ship.

Divers had planned to recover the second-largest artifact on what's believed to be the Queen Anne's Revenge but discovered it was too well-attached to other items in the ballast pile, said Mark Wilde-Ramsing, a deputy state archeologist and director of the Queen Anne's Revenge project. Instead they pulled up another anchor that is the third-largest artifact and likely was the typical anchor for the ship.
(Blackbeard's Stuff). Three hundred years from now we will dig up some old records on one of the momcommie yachts to discover out how they used the largest infrastructure bill in history for something other than reviving U.S.A. infrastructure.

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  1. Economic politics in the USA has descended into a competition over which wrong way should be used to plunder the middle class and give the booty to the elite warmongers. Link

  2. The law is also becoming a state secret in the eyes of the W direction aficionados, including Obama.

  3. Obama should know these things

  4. I say this because he is the leader of this country.