Monday, December 5, 2011

The Matriarch of The Matrix - 2

In the first post of this series we set the stage for comparing today's MOMCOM ruled society with the world of The Matrix.

The word "matrix" generally indicates a motherly source, and a motherly source generally indicates a female source.

Yet a MOMCOM engendered society is not essentially a thing of gender, it is essentially a thing of power.

The power to grow, the power to replicate, was an element involved with how Neo was able to convince the Sentient Machines of the danger of Agent Smith.

The Sentient Machines of The Matrix are a vision which some scientists today see as the future for the wealthy 1%, but not for the 99%.

In the latter episodes of The Matrix, Neo was able to convince the sentient machines that there was an unbridled growth taking place within their own artificial intelligence, with entities associated with them, yes, with their own artificial intelligence software that gave them the power of cognition.

What the sentient machines then did was to realize, after interfacing and communicating with Neo, that some sort of toxins had infiltrated their vast cognitive, software system.

Neo convinced the sentient machines of a dangerous instability to them, so they joined him in an effort to end the unbridled, toxin-generated growth taking place in the Agent Smith portion of their artificial intelligence realm.

They stopped the ongoing war to begin peaceful interaction with humans after realizing Neo was correct and did not want to destroy them, rather Neo wanted to normalize them.

There is a similar danger to the 1% today.

Listen when people talk about economy today, and you will in generally hear the words "grow" and "growth" used as the "be all" power word.

To heal all economic woe, the economy must "grow", so we must see "growth", yes, "we must grow the economy" is the common mantra.

What is often forgotten is that economists indicate that vast growth had been taking place just before the recent recession, but bubble growth was a characteristic of what led up to what continues to be the current economic disaster.

Thus, not just any type of growth is valid to any system, because after all, the foundational essence of the disease we call cancer is unbridled, unprincipled growth for growth's sake.

Size matters, but spastic growth matters even more.

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