Monday, November 21, 2011

The Appendix of Vestigial Textbooks - 3

From time to time Dredd Blog follows reality by studying, and sometimes noting the changes in textbooks.

For example, in the previous post in this series we noted that textbooks are not always promptly changed then reprinted when new scientific or other discoveries prove those textbooks to contain false information (The Appendix of Vestigial Textbooks - 2).

In general though, we can determine how inquisitive our institutions are by examining the realm of textbooks.

For example, physics has some major debates going (Quantum State Revisited, Quantum Theorem Shakes Physics) that will not make it into textbooks for a while.

The microbiology textbooks are going to go through some major changes (On The New Meaning of Human, Hypothesis: Microbes Generate Toxins of Power) in a short while.

But today, we focus on the Political Science 101 and Civics 101 textbooks.

Will the textbooks from those disciplines be updated to reflect the change in U.S. government, from a constitutional republic with a capitalistic economy, into a plutocracy with a plutonomy (The Homeland: Big Brother Plutonomy) or that feigned propaganda fills today's news conference of choice (The Chamber of Corruption)?

Will the textbooks eventually contain the stories of brutality against peaceful young demonstrators and peaceful elderly demonstrators alike in the Occupy movements (e.g. Occupy Davis, Occupy Seattle, or Occupy Wall Street)?


  1. The textbooks need to reflect that the USA is occupied by the same people that occupy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and they have 800-1000 bases around the world, with just about as many within the US.

    They took over the USA via a silent coup, and the OWS movements are counter-revolutions to that coup.

    The occupiers are "the 1%" and the counter-revolutionaries are "the 99%".

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  3. emagine,

    The appendix was called vestigial by Darwin, who was wrong. But some textbooks still contain that myth.

    Recent science, not myth, points out that the appendix is a sort of warehouse for microbes that are symbiont to humans.

    The erroneous technique of removing the appendix is a vestigial practice because it harms the symbiont microbe community that not only takes part in brain construction and process, that community also helps the immune system.

    You might want to read the links in the post.