Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Bugs and the Advent of the Bullsheviks

The blogosphere has been feverishly covering the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) public demonstrations for as long as they have been happening.

The OWS phenomenon has generated some debate, which is leading to a perplexing news storm, where even the main stream media (MSM) is beginning to realize that bull is the currency of the new political revolution, the Bullshevik revolution.

That U.S. Bullshevik Revolution (not Bolshevik) is the one which has created the 1% wealthy elite of the U.S. plutonomy.

In reaction to that Bullshevic Revolution, OWS has begun to express the views and the voice of the 99% counterrevolution.

Those taking part in OWS have spoken up everywhere around the nation, so they are finally being talked about often now in the MSM.

Meanwhile, a presidential election looms on the horizon.

The New York Times (NYT) published an article yesterday concerning foreign policy and national security, in the context of the views of Republican Party candidates running for president.

In that article the NYT, in some degree, seems to have recanted to distance itself from its previous opinion:
"For a while, we were concerned that the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination were not saying much about national security and foreign affairs. Now that a few have started, maybe they were better off before."
(Republicans and Foreign Policy, NYT). The republicans have tended to denounce OWS because the republicans are the party of the 1% elite ("This is an impressive crowd — the haves and the have-mores. Some people call you the elites; I call you my base." - Bush II).

That NYT article wasn't the end of the matter, in fact, the NYT has some formidable competition from a Politico writer, someone not known to hold back his words:
“When they ask me, ‘Who is President of UBEKI-beki-beki-becki-stan, stan, I am going to say ‘Do you know?’”

The fact that Citizen Cain takes great pride in his ignorance of global affairs is understandably unnerving to American voters in this unstable age. But on the small stage on which Mr. Cain now finds himself, the Godfather’s Pizza CEO fits with these vapid times as much as James Dean did with his in the 1950s classic, “Rebel Without a Cause.” Sadly, Cain and his fellow cast members are little more than rebels without a clue. That reality is a dismal curtain call for the Republican party and the country it hopes to run.

Compared with the GOP’s field of reality stars, George W. Bush looks like Brando, Paul Ryan is as attractive as Robert Redford, and Chris Christie is Brad Pitt. So much for an audition process that leaves the audience, once again, aching for more.
(The Reality Show Facing GOP Voters, Scarborough). As you regular readers know, Dredd Blog does not have a favorite political party or a favorite political candidate, so we spread the criticism among those who IMO deserve it.

We suggested the best republican candidate for the 2012 presidential election way back in 2010 with the post "Obama: The Republican Candidate in 2012?".

Today more and more folks are agreeing with that notion, urging that a democrat should also run in the 2012 presidential election, while clamoring for a democratic primary where someone challenges Obama and the "other republicans".

This is especially so after Obama, while talking cooperation with republicans for the first two years of his presidency while the Democratic Party controlled the House and Senate, never mentioned jobs as he polarized the political landscape with the health care debate over legislation that drove republicans up the wall when it eventually became law.

Recently he inexplicably dropped a major chunk of that health care legislation, CLASS, without the populace even knowing about it beforehand, and after having fought tooth and nail for it instead of fighting for jobs.

What kind of domestic policy is that: fight for health care reform, not for jobs, then after passing that health care law, drop it from existence then start debating a jobs bill?

In a similar vein, a lot of other serious bugs, such as the staff monster, are going around, which seems like a microcosm or allegory for some other kind of germ infecting these "crazy" war induced politics of the past decade.

So, Dredd Blog must now bring up not only the science fiction theory of the U.S. government of this time, but Dredd Blog must also bring up the hard science theory of U.S. government as well.

Pathogens (germs) follow a certain behavioral path, and that path for The United States has been the path we call The W Direction, an alien direction IMO.

It is food for thought anyway.

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