Monday, August 15, 2011

The Undiscovered Side of Science & Life - 2

In the first post of this series we were "digging it" with a crew in Jerusalem.

Digging it is the realm of miners, archaeologists, and hipsters alike, an endeavor which takes its participants into the realm of useful discovery.

Digging it can be a form of searching to find something new, a job to extract ore for the man, one form of exploring the pleasure of the art world (music, sculpture, painting, etc.), but the main essence of digging it is the understanding of what is going on.

The one thing that is common to all forms of digging it, is that when you come to a fork in the road where they all meld, there is an ability to take the proper one, whether well traveled, or not yet well traveled.

Yes, one of the more revered aspects of digging it is the notion of seeing ahead, having vision, having an understanding of the consequences of actions and words.

Some like to use the word "prescient" to describe digging it, but whatever word is used, the important thing is the value of digging it:

"Washington" (a euphemism for "the federal government", also a front name for MOMCOM) is not digging it.

They are off in their own hell bent bubble world war for oil domination inspired by nothing more than their own lust and/or greed.

They do not really feel what millions of suffering Americans feel, nor do they want to go in the direction most Americans want them to go.

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