Saturday, August 20, 2011

CIA Stars In A New "Karzai" Movie - 2

A couple of years ago (Oct. 2009) I posted CIA Stars In A New "Karzai" Movie about an activist who, for some reason, does not get the respect he is due.

In that post I had this to say about Mr. Ruppert:
"There is some news about a guy I met at U.C.L.A. where he talked about his life as a drug enforcement officer in the Los Angeles Police Department.

The CIA became a part of his life, since his mother, father, and fiancé were all CIA agents.

Mike Ruppert got his Burn Notice when he discovered that his fiancé was the CIA operative who was in charge of the CIA's smuggling of drugs into the U.S. under cover of various complicit operatives in his own beloved department."
(ibid).  Ruppert indicates, as I have, that MOMCOM wants people to take to the streets ... don't do it he says ... it is so they can put troops on the streets and declare martial law.

As to the criticism of Bob Dylan, Mike, read Bob Dylan Sings In China - 2, a Dredd Blog post that shows the right wing in China and in the MOMCOM media is watching and listening to Bob, but Bob can't be censored.

Perhaps Mr. Ruppert could take it a bit more easy if he read yesterday's post here, and realized we are only talking about the demise of civilization itself (your microbes will be fine).

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