Monday, August 1, 2011

The Peak of Sanity - 4

In the previous post of this series, Dredd Blog displayed a graph, mentioning the suspected time frame period of about 60 years (6 decades) within which the peak of sanity hypothetically occurred (not to be confused with the peak of intelligence, which has not yet occurred).

You can be sure that the mass intimidation which MOMCOM naturally engenders is causing those who ponder this reality facing current civilization to fear to call insanity what it is actually is.

You can be sure that writers will, instead, be using the techniques of Bernays to water it down into a form of pabulum.

Yes, choosing to make "it" palatable to those under the hypnotic gaze of MOMCOM, writers will use words such as "sleepwalking":
Like climate change, peak oil is often perceived by the more pessimistic analysts as one of those apocalyptic conundrums where we are already past the tipping point – meaning that any solutions human ingenuity can deliver will simply mitigate the worst-case scenario. Certainly, oil-field discoveries have been in sharp decline since the 1970s. And there is a consensus that peak oil has already been reached, at some point between 2004 and 2008. This does not bode well at a time when huge emerging nations like China and India are experiencing energy-hungry industrial revolutions. China's economic growth was 11 per cent last year and in India, it reached 9 per cent. Increased demand could soon outstrip depleted supplies.

But unlike climate change, politicians seem unwilling to encourage public debate about the ramifications of peak oil. There has been no shortage of government-commissioned reports into the problem, but most have been kept from public view – Britain and the US, for example, have maintained the cloak of secrecy by not publishing many findings. This could be because politicians are concerned that doom-laden messages - like the prediction that ordinary families will only be able to use their cars for emergencies within 10 years because of spiralling fuel prices – will cause panic and civil disobedience on the streets. Or, a more cynical view, might suggest that governments and oil companies are so deeply entwined – in some cases like Saudi Arabia and Iran they are, indeed, the very same thing and we all know about the intimate connections between BP and the political world here in the UK – that educating citizens on the need to move towards conservation and away from consumption would damage business and tax revenues and possibly, even, the foundations of capitalism itself.
(Are We Sleepwalking Into Disaster?, emphasis added). Of course the professionals within the field of forensics do not call it "sleep walking" when a person commits suicide, so by the same token ecocide should not be called an accident done while civilization was "sleep walking".

But, it does not take a genius to figure out why MOMCOM would allow climate change reality to enter into a public "debate", but to the contrary would not allow peak oil reality to enter into a public debate.

It is because climate change origin is an obscure concept to the everyday citizen, thus the MOMCOM mass media can generate doubt ("climate change is the greatest hoax").

But the concept of no gasoline in the gas tank of the car is not an obscure concept, so it would be certain to create panic mixed with mob psychology anger in the populace.

The current "debt ceiling" discourse is nothing more than a probing of the American public to see how they will react to serious pocket book dangers.

It is an early exercise or experiment to help MOMCOM develop more detailed tactics in the strategy of triage.

The epitome of public policy is evolving into "controlled demise", the only thing their propaganda damaged cognitive faculties can come up with now, since denial has ravaged the cognitive governing abilities they once had.

The way the powers that be react to the realization of what they have brought upon the whole of humanity, the Earth, and to their own existence, emphasizes the power of the Amygdala to generate the realm of denial.

The power of the Amygdala, teamed up with the reptilian brain, is a power well beyond the more limited power of our conscious mind to produce a superseding cognition that would be able to rationally engage these dangers the entire human species now faces, because the fear of death is overpowering.

Those high level MOMCOM entities, who are now very well aware of the dangers, are in shock, in brain-lock, yes, in a trance that has been brought on by the power of denial within "the collective lizard brain" and the collective Amygdala, yes, the social Id theory that Freud advanced.

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  1. The denier claim to infamy was the slander of a few comments of a couple of members of a climate change project.

    The deniers claimed that the data set was cooked.

    It wasn't, here is the data set: Link