Friday, July 8, 2011

On The Definition of Sanity

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  1. There is uncertainty about space, especially since the shuttle era is coming to an end. Link

    We spend more on air conditioning for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than we do on the entire NASA budget. Link

    Something crazy about that!

  2. Simplicity is all to often seen as inferiority, when in fact, simplicity is the essence of sanity.

  3. As has been pointed out on this blog often the issue of conditions are often described with "worse than expected", "worse that previously estimated", and similar statements.

    This is the new "norm" for reports concerning the environment, including climate change.

    A recent report on the life / death of oceans says "degradation is now happening at a faster rate than predicted" ...

    This is another way of saying destruction of what civilization depends on for existence is OUT OF CONTROL ...