Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evolution From Left To Right - 2

Same story, different psychopath.

In the first post of this series we discussed the evolution of a young man from left to right, from a young happy kid, to a deranged madman who killed about a dozen innocent people.

People who his diseased imagination, led astray by his Id, thought had done him some wrong in some way.

This new guy with the diseased Id, from Norway, went down into the same snake hole in his reptilian brain, perhaps via the Amygdala.

The blood of scores of children at summer camp felt his right doing wrong, felt his righteous vengeance, felt his fully developed right wing wrath after he had unknowingly narrowed the distance between right and wrong.

It is the "destroy in order to save meme" so prevalent in western culture during this, the Sixth Mass Extinction, this age of the Glory Daze, this age of criminal insanity.

It is a time when the development of the Id, the Amygdala with wings, is seen to be the source of glory, the source of all things right wing, flying like Icarus into the patient, waiting Sun.

BTW, he was also angry about what the right wing nuts call "the greatest hoax", that is, he hates the science of global climate change ("green is the new red - stop enviro-communism").

When are we going to realize that the destination of cosmic adults is the proper direction and course to set, when are we going to see that this blaze of glory madness will turn both our history and our future into ashes?

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  1. Trying to save the environment for the good of all is a hoax?

    No, it is very real: Link