Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Curse of The Child Prodigy

Why do I say that child prodigy cases are a curse to our current civilization?

Because the MOMCOM mantra "be all you can be in the Army" is a perversion of those cosmic gifts, the gift of the gifted child.

But at the same time, the curse of child prodigy is also the "reality", because of the vast recruitment realms and power of MOMCOM to pull the child prodigy in.

That MOMCOM mantra on steroids would more accurately reflect the current state of affairs if it was "be all you can be within the MOMCOM illusion of what this planet is".

Nevertheless the "be all you can be in the Army" MOMCOM mantra is decidedly death bound (nuclear war), is decidedly anti-planet (green house gases, pollution), and ultimately wants to take you and your child prodigy's mind down with "herr" (propaganda).

Notice that MOMCOM (military, oil, media) grabs up these child prodigy gifts to humanity from the cosmos, then wafts them off to a place where MOMCOM manipulates those gifts to make "better and better" weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weapons and a vast array of pollutants).

Yep, you get there on the MOMCOM scholar ship, which is Titanic, because MOMCOM believes size matters, and that one size: big imperialism, big militancy, and big war budgets, fits all.

Meanwhile some of those in herr marching bands, which in numbers are greater than the diplomatic foreign corps of the entire State Department, sing songs of "peace".

Can you fathom what Dylan said:
You’ve thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
(Masters of War). If you roll the dice and have children, hide them from the wicked witch MOMCOM.

The development of the nuclear bomb illustrates how academia is bound to the ideology of MOMCOM, business is addicted to MOMCOM oil, and how the media plays the music along the way:
The military funding of science has had a powerful transformative effect on the practice and products of scientific research since the early 20th century. Particularly since World War I, advanced science-based technologies have been viewed as essential elements of a successful military ... World War I is often called "the chemists’ war" ... World War II marked a massive increase in the military funding of science, particularly physics ... The sheer scale of military funding for science since World War II has instigated a large body of historical literature analyzing the effects of that funding, especially for American science ... Forman and others have argued that military funding fundamentally redirected science — particularly physics — toward applied research, and that military technologies predominantly formed the basis for subsequent research even in areas of basic science; ultimately the very culture and ideals of science were colored by extensive collaboration between scientists and military planners.
(Wikipedia). The big oil segment of MOMCOM has vast amounts of money they use to sway education and hire students, protecting the oil barons while perpetuating the addiction to oil:
“Big Oil” has been doing some big recruiting on U.S. campuses this year — as have many smaller companies in the petroleum and natural gas business. The combination of high prices, an aging work force and a tight pipeline of trained workers has the industry desperate for talent. Phan accepted a $55,000-per-year offer in Houston at Schlumberger Ltd., an oilfield services firm.
(Big Oil At The Campus). The media portion of MOMCOM is no piker either, because movie stars get their scripts from MOMCOM all too often:
Now David Robb has filled the gap with his heavily documented Operation Hollywood (Prometheus, 2004). Many organizations, including the CIA, have offices in Hollywood which try to influence the content of films, but the biggest one and the one with by far the most clout is the Pentagon's, which exercises control over films in which the military are involved by providing soldiers and equipment or by refusing them. Robb is very critical of Hollywood for selling out to the military. The Pentagon has two aims. The first is to present the military in a good light: no foul language, no drugs or other unseemly behavior. It is for this reason that the revelations about Abu Graib prison were such a shock. The censorship is a two-step process: first the Pentagon's Hollywood office gives instructions and, as the filming progresses, cuts out anything it does not like. Robb views this as a violation of free speech, and quotes law professors on the point. Then there is a showing in the Pentagon, where final approval is given.

The second aim is to make a military career seem attractive to youngsters, and thus to boost enrollment. Even Lassie and Donald Duck have been used for this purpose. This is where the History Channel comes in. The program are often interrupted with advertisements telling your people to consider a career in the military, which is shown in a favorable light.
(Pentagon Hollywood). The Peak of the Oil Wars is in full swing based upon military science, oil addiction, and the full-on worldwide foreign policy of militant imperialism to control oil.

Unless mothers stop feeding kids MOMCOM twinkies then let their kids grow up to be cowboys, civilization as we know it is doomed.

The following video shows one such child prodigy who said she could sell her idea to the military so it could make weapons (at 1:48 into the video the 11 year old says: "I was like yeah, I could sell this to the military for money"):


  1. They must have gotten to Obama in his youth too. He says no ground troop support in Libya after he has already issued an order allowing the building of armies to take control of the oil system there. Link It is deceitful to rely on twisted newspeak like "ground troops" in an effort to trick the public.

    Washington Blog has a nice play on words to counter the propaganda.


  2. Using both the words "child" and "doom" in the last sentence of this post may seem harsh.

    That may be because "doom" is another word for "death", which triggers some of the greatest denial intensities:

    Death is a common occasion for denial ... The initial denial protects that person from the emotional shock and intense grief that often accompanies news of death. Chronic or terminal illnesses also encourage denial. People with such illnesses may think, "It's not so bad; I'll get over it," and refuse to make any lifestyle changes.

    (Denial - A Mind Disorder, emphasis added).

    That is the perfect description of MOMCOM addiction to oil, war, and destruction of the environment, which will bring on the doom of billions of people.

  3. Propaganda is a lot like exposure to radioactivity - it is cumulative.

    One can think they are disaffected when in fact they are not.

    No dose of radioactivity is harmless, and no dose of propaganda is harmless.

    The only issue is how much damage it has done, not whether it has done damage.