Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Evolution of Song Truth - 2

I revealed in the first post of this series that I like to watch the Weather Channel.

I have watched the effect the far right corporation, Comcast, which purchased MSNBC recently, has had on the Weather Channel.

Fundamentally they are against saying much against their partner GE, even when deserved, and they are for using propaganda to continue to deceive people about the catastrophic effects global climate change / global warming will have on civilization.

They are not anti-religion, however.

Thus, a wonderful story slipped through this morning which concerns the Mennonites, a religious organization that is in general anti-war, pro-peace:
We are constrained of Christ to take no part in warfare or military service as combatants or as noncombatants because both forms of service have as their ultimate military end the impairment and destruction of life or property of our fellow men ... We cannot with clear conscience apply our labor, money or material resources for the furtherances of military ends. For example, we cannot remain true to our peace witness if we purchase war bonds or work in defense industries ... We cannot serve under civilian organizations if their purposes are diverted to military objectives ... We declare it unchristian to share in wartime propaganda, hysteria, and mass hatred and revenge.
(Mennonite Encyclopedia). This post is not about their understanding of peace, but about what they have been doing for years in New Orleans, and even around the nation.

The Mennonites have been building and repairing houses for those who lost their homes during Katrina.

They have been doing so out of their own pockets because of what they understand to be the way of life of their religion.

For disclosure purposes, I am not a Mennonite, but without hesitation I say Good for them.

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  1. We need a million more Mennonites to follow MOMCOM around to clean up the MOMCOM mess.

    Better still, we need one less MOMCOM which would in itself clean up the mess and leave folks to enjoy the fruits of their labors in another way.