Friday, February 18, 2011

Viva Wisconsin

It was not long ago that Dredd Blog posted Viva Egypt, not thinking in the slightest that the same thing could happen in the USA.

But, just like what happened in Texas (when Tom Delay, before he was found guilty of felonies there, persecuted the democrats there for doing what the Wisconsin folk are doing) actually is happening in the USA, in Wisconsin:
Things are moving very rapidly in Wisconsin right now, and the latest is that State Senate Democrats are refusing to show up at the state capitol to prevent the measure to strip public employees of their bargaining rights from moving forward. There are unconfirmed reports that law enforcement is trying to round up these Dems and even that some of them may have left the state.

Adding to the bizarre sense of urgency, a Dem State Senate aide I just spoke to who is actually in the capitol told me that Dems who are on the scene don't know where the other Dem Senators are, because they appear to be in hiding from law enforcement.

"They are somewhere where they are not available to be forcibly taken to the floor," the aide said, the chant of protestors audible in the background. "They could be in the building. They could be in the basement for all I know."
(Washington Post). They mentioned the Texas episode at the bottom of the article.

This is a good thing, and we need much, much more of it.


  1. Good for the Egyptians in Wisconsin.

    But like Kathy said, however, they have to keep it up until they finish the job.

  2. If dems don't contain this tax cut in the face of budget deficits hysteria right now we are all doomed. The fact that NoBama is now facing budget cut ultimatums from the same bunch that successfully made him flinch over tax cuts for the wealthy (and HCR, and war funding, and GITMO, and torture, and Financial Reform, and the latest spending cut proposals...) is as predictable as it will be destructive. And its all his own fault for not dealing with it when the issue first came up.

    The Republicans are inveterate riverboat gamblers, and it's time to call their bluff; i.e., make them shut down the government and see who flinches first. The political fallout will tell you where the people's sentiment truly lies (how many rich fucks do you think will take to the streets?), and then you can move on from there.

    Until that happens, this poker game will continue on with the same results until 2012, at which time NoBama will rightfully be relieved of his duties for gross incompetence and impersonating an actual dem POTUS. And then, in the mother of all ironies, we'll get a huge Republican mandate going forward, even though it will have been Republican policies enacted by a dem President and Senate that will be responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. And from there, the bottom will literally fall out.

  3. disaffected,

    Sounds accurate, and quite likely, unless, as you say, the democrats figure out the obvious.

  4. Past CIA operative and now anti-war activist McGovern was brutalized for expressing free speech as SOS Clinton gave a speech about free speech.

    Link Here

  5. Noam Chomsky thinks Wisconsin may be the start of a more widespread phenomenon.

  6. RE Chomsky: we can only hope!

    I think that sooner or later the masses will simply have to wake up, but the question is, will it be before the damage has already been irrevocably done? I'm not so confident about that proposition.

    I honestly think (and I'm not just being hysterical or dramatic) that we're headed for a MAJOR political and economic meltdown (many commenters on other blog sites contend that the two cannot be separated) with 2-5 years. And as the US goes, so much of the rest of the world will go as well. The possibilities at that point will be simply mind boggling. Needless to say, even MOMCOM ain't big and bad enough to hold it together if it comes to that.

  7. The MOMCOM powers that be do not like Chomsky, and are probably mounting an offensive against him.

    There has to be some way to counter attack the Air Force's "Army" of bot personas.

    Check it out

  8. Randy,

    The AF bot persona article is most interesting indeed! I had never really even considered that possibility before, but it's one that makes intuitive sense the first time you hear it. That's a real game changer when it comes to internet blog sites.


    The problem I have with Wisconsin and Ohio both, but especially Ohio (home to the Great Orange Boner), is that these are states that actually vote for and put in office these same Republican idiots that turn around and do exactly what they said they'd do, which is to dismantle/defund every liberal/public initiative out there.

    So my question is, how can the same electorate that put these fucking ass-holes in office then turn around and decry the policy enactment that they implicitly voted for in the first place? I don't get it.

  9. By the way, exactly WHAT is a Lady GaGa?

    Some sort of middle-aged white whore-slut perversion?

    I'm perplexed.

  10. disaffected,

    Lady GaGa seems to be a microcosm of the circus aspects of MOMCOM, as opposed to the serious side.

    Both are perplexing.

    Yes, the union movement should be more critical of some of the war enabling (vs. war ending) aspects of the dems, because the wars are a prime reason for the failures of state and federal budgets.

    Spend trillions on things that make holes in the ground, rubble, noise, and dead bodies everywhere, then you have only that left to call "wealth".

    On the other hand, spend those trillions on the middle class and poor (jobs, infrastructure) and soon a more equal society results where states don't have to turn on their own.

  11. Hey gang.

    Huffpo has an article that may explain the infrastructure conundrum, and therefore by extension, the union, jobs, and other economic problems we have been wondering about ... and Wisconsin has been protesting about.

    Especially the question about where the money alloted for the largest infrastructure spending bill in history, slated ostensibly for USA infrastructure, seems to have been spent (illegally in foreign nations instead).

    Story here.