Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bubble on Babylon - 2

A "Dyson Grid"?
In the first post of this series, we linked to articles about some interesting "galaxies" in space.

The photo to the left is one such "galaxy".

The scientist Dyson predicted them years ago, which makes me appreciate those who can see far ahead to where we are going.

All that while our government is Driving Miss Crazy by keeping both eyes on the rear view mirror (except for the always upcoming election).

So, who else would have expected galaxies that appear as a large bubble of the type the kids make with their bubble juice and bubble wand in the summer time in the city?

No one except those watching our current economists, who think the economy is bubbling right along as it should be, because Wall Street hot air is expanding so much that the DOW is approaching 12,000.

WoooHoooo ... so Obama hires them to come over to the White House:
How convenient to ignore the fact that this bubble of prosperity, which has failed the tens of millions losing their homes and jobs, was floated by enormous government indebtedness now forcing deep cuts in social services including state financial aid for those better-educated students the president claims to be so concerned about.

His references to education provided a convenient scapegoat for the failure of the economy, rather than to blame the actions of the Wall Street hustlers to whom Obama is now sucking up.

... all of the world’s economies are suffering grievous harm resulting from the irresponsible behavior of the best and the brightest here at home. It wasn’t the students struggling at community colleges who came up with the financial gimmicks that produced the Great Recession ...
(Robert Sheer). Meanwhile, the clueless elite work at expanding the bubble, which has caused many interesting economic perils over at the EU.

The ally bubble seems to be popping as well, even as USA machinations in the middle east (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) have led to a view of the USA that has even unhinged some "stable" (USA controlled) allies like Egypt.

Meanwhile the Keystone Cops say they are getting rid of the Somewhere Over The Rainbow "turrrisstttt" color scheme.

The previous post in this series is here.


  1. With any luck, this latest bubble should pop right around 2012 election time, as the rich decide to take their money and head for the exits. Won't that be fun listening to both parties hem and haw about the "unavoidable" causes and their ingenious "solutions," with the government virtually bankrupt and no ammunition left to provide another "stimulus" of any kind.

    Yes indeed, things will get mighty interesting then, especially if you're a masochist. Won't be any place to hide for rich (at least the ones dumb enough to remain behind) and poor alike. Hot stock tip: invest in pitchforks, machetes, and guillotines.

  2. Mojo has a good ongoing commentary about the Egyptian uprising: Mojo Link

    The people in Egypt are being shot down with USA weapons.

    Bubble popping time eh?