Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Shellfish Society

The shellfish society along The Redneck Riveria has met the selfish society from The Propaganda Riveria (a.k.a. Pentagonia, Capitol of Bullshitistan) where the palace of MOMCOM dwells amid the oil derricks with the dominoes.

The governors, state legislatures, and the voters tended to support MOMCOM because she was prosperous.

They evidently did not know how selfish MOMCOM has been, nor did they have any idea how utterly selfish she-it can become.

They all watched faithfully when the Mr. Smiths of the MOMCOM elite went to Washington to give those congressmen a mouthful of crude.

It was terribly disappointing for the rednecks to see their heroes pass blame to each other in an ever widening circle of irresponsibility, spewing poison swirling spin upon all, as they had with their poison swirling oil the Gulf of The Redneck Riveria.

These kinds of societies are the spawn of MOMCOM, who dutifully drink her truthiness from her plastic bottles spread far and wide upon the oceans of the Earth:
What is it that drives people to be brave and good? Psychologists set out to explore this intriguing question by studying a group of Holocaust “rescuers” who, at great risk to themselves, had saved the lives of Jews.

This group was compared with the “bystanders” living in the same area or even the same street who didn’t help or refused to help when asked.


In The Selfish Society, psycho therapist Sue Gerhardt cites this 2005 study, published in the Journal of Personality, as an example of how individuals with a high degree of emotional development – as exemplified by the rescuers – are a force for good in a society corrupted by a didactic ideology.
(The Selfish Society). A society that deceives itself sick to the point it seems to think it is not really attached to the planet it lives on.

The British Petroleum Society spawn of MOMCOM treats the planet Earth as if it was an alien life form, violating the tenets of ecocosmology, thus becoming unfit to survive in the cosmos at this point in time.


  1. What is it that drives people to be brave and good?

    The main problem today is that the terms brave and good have been usurped by the right. "Brave" narrowly means being stupid enough to join forces with MOMCOM in pursuit of a phony "War on Terror," while "good" means little more than believing and doing what you're told by the powers that be, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We now have the lockstep automaton society that so many feared back in the 1950s.

    Good picture of Rove and the Shrub by the way. Two of the most pivotal figures of the twenty first century right there, as they have undoubtedly set the stage for most all of the carnage that is now certain to follow. Their acolytes will undoubtedly be back in power again by 2012, and with Obama and the Dems for an "opposition," many - including myself - would argue they already are.

  2. disaffected,

    Yeah, those silly aliens.

    John "Orange Boy" Boner and Mitch "Is My Face Moving Yet" McConjob dutifully perform the brainless acts of the brainless hacks.

  3. Some pretty damning accusations regarding the Government's Gulf oil leak cover up being made today over at Global Guerrillas. If any of this turns out to be true - leak actually closer to 4M gallons/day and giant frozen oil blob circulating at 3-4K' depth - Obama's presidency could well be over by the midterms. We'll know for sure then that the government cancer has metastasized and that all bets are off going forward.

  4. disaffected,

    Your man said: "The end result of this process will be a hollow state that nobody except its employees trust. A state that is merely an enforcer of global economic interests (its only remaining source of support) even though it retains all the symbols, pageantry, language, image, and structure of a nation-state. A state that demands much but provides nothing"

    What a perfect description of MOMCOM.

    But since we know some of her privates are invisible, the "hollow state" will be the focus, and we know that she-it has provided, through R. Reagan and others of that ilk, that the "hollow state" is defined as the civilian congress, which they want "small enough to drown in a bathtub".

    Then MOMCOM can insert the "heroes and sheroes" in their place and stead to complete the coup de e'tat without a lot of pissing and moaning.

    MOMCOM gotta luv it ... the last hollow shell of Duh Empire ...