Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's Greetings



  1. Season's Greetings as well to Dredd and fellow Dreddsters. Who knows what silliness we will be subjected/priveleged to witness over the holidays. Let me speculate:

    With the latest news of yet another Nobama "victory", could all possibly have turned to "sweetness and light" in ol' DC with the dems and the Repubes? Of course that would mean that the political sleight of hand that works so well the other 300 some-odd days of the year would be out the window. No, I thought not.

    On the other hand, in the REAL NEWS that we're more often than not subjected to, well, what can you say? No comment.

    But then again, just when you thought the silliness/propaganda couldn't get much sillier/more propogandized, there's this: US attacks North Korea 'sacred war' threats. Umm... I dunno. I seem to recall something about a pot calling another pot or kettle black, or something like that.

    In the immortal words of many of my 20-30 yr old compadres, "Whatever!"

    Whatever indeed!

  2. I'm also glad to add that the Poinsettia Bowl in QualComm Stadium San Diego was "miraculously" dry enough to go on with the added festivity of an F-18 flyover from nearby Miramar NAS, home of the infamous "Top Gun" movie of yesteryear.

    Some might be bright enough to remember that up until today the Poinsettia Bowl had been "threatened" by the prospect of record floods the area. Not to worry. First world capitalism and $M come to the rescue yet once again. They have a way of doing that when profits are involved. When mere poor - or often "not so poor" as well - lives are involved? Umm... Not so much.

    But that's just me!

    The rich! What are they good for?

    Really? What ARE they good for? I'm askin?

  3. Randy,

    Gotta love me some Mother Jones! Particularly loved that article title – “Santa Was in Prison and Jesus Got the Death Penalty” – as I had just finished sending a rather lengthy email to my cousin discussing those very themes.

    Indeed! From where would a modern day Christ come if he/she were to present himself once again? Why, from the LEAST OF US of course, and he/she would no doubt be greeted with the same amount of skepticism and scorn as last time. Some messages TRULY ARE universal!