Sunday, December 19, 2010

Open Thread

Weekend open thread ...


  1. DADT finally gets repealed!

    'Don't ask' is repealed in historic vote

    True to form, the Pentagon must first assess the impact (again!) and develop an "implementation plan," both expected to take several months to a year. The good Senator McCain from Arizona also rose to warn his colleagues that they were doing "great harm" to military readiness (I'm guessing homosexuality might be contagious, and mass copulation would likely ensue). I somehow don't think we've heard the last word on this yet, as I imagine that ever crafty MOMCOM still has a few tricks up her sleeve. No disrespect to gays, but I would have rather MOMCOM banned them altogether, as THAT would have DEFINITELY done great harm to the MOMCOM war machine, which is our only remaining salvation at this point.

    One also has the distinct impression of a quid pro quo bewteen the dems and the Repubes regarding tax cut extensions and DADT. There's simply too much "bipartisanship" on the part of the Repubes on this bill for it to have been mere coincidence. In old DC, NO vote is EVER merely coincidental. They're ALL bought and paid for one way or another.

    This is also an easy political concession for the Repubes to make. While NoBama will no doubt trumpet this victory far and wide during the 2012 election cycle in the hopes of remobilizing his liberal base (sorry, not NEARLY enough NoBama!), it will play equally as bad to the GOP faithful, who will view it as yet another sign that NoBama is the "anti-christ" incarnate or some such nonsense.

    In the end, scheduled Afghanistan troop withdrawals will be the true litmus test of NoBama's legitimacy. I'm sure there will be some token efforts made (and trumpeted as a "major shift" in policy!) - afterall, it'll be election season once again - but I rather much imagine that like Iraq, what will be left behind in permanent US military infrastructure and troop levels will give lie to the idea that we've ever actually "withdrawn."

    Remember: The Beast reserves the right to define all official terms and parasitic bureacracy is NEVER meant to be reduced/withdrawn.

  2. Write this one down - Biden says he and Obama will fight wealthy tax cuts in 2012 - so we can all remember to call them both liars when the time comes. Like it's gonna get any easier for them to grow some stones in an election year. Statements like these are just plain insulting to anyone who's actually paying attention. And to think, Biden used to be known as an independent free thinker. Now he's a mere political hack water-carrier for an openly corrupt administration that poses as a genuine "liberal" alternative. The Beast corrupts absolutely.

  3. disaffected,

    "Like it's gonna get any easier for them to grow some stones in an election year."

    Exactly, especially since it will be an election year with a rogue republican controlled House.

    There are some surprises being planned for Mr. Biden.

  4. Randy,

    I'm not even sure I'd call them surprises, as anyone with any sense knows full well what's coming for the next two years. I'm surprised that Biden was so brazenly stupid enough to even make such an obviously posturing comment. It's an insult to even be subjected to such slack-jawed bullshit.

    The more that comes out of this NoBama administration, the more I'm convinced that we're on to some sort of serious Nixonian style coverup/secret deal regime. I mean I know that all politicians are essentially bought and paid for in the old school, backroom, secret handshake kind of way within parties. Unsavory as that may seem, I've never been naive enough to think that that didn't exist, nor that it was ever likely not to exist.

    With Nobama however, I think we're witnessing a complete paradigm shift regarding the meaning of the terms "change you can believe in" and "bipartisanship." The corrupt bastard has actually made the conceptual leap of melding the interests of the two parties into one, while continuing the lie to the American people that there continues to be a genuine "alternative" when you vote. This is such a brilliant strategy that I doubt it could have been hatched by any single candidate or single interest, hence my contention that The Imposter was actually a GOP plant all along, and that the plot was likely years in the making under the Repube banner.

    Whether or not any of that turns out to be true, I think most would agree that the effect has been largely the same. NoBama has been an utter disaster for the liberal cause for years to come, and I know no other way to explain how an otherwise smart, articulate, and politically savvy politician could campaign so well and govern so disastrously.

  5. Wow, you simply can't make this shit up!

    A How-To Guide for a New Military

    Cause, you know, heteros put in the same situation would NEVER engage in a dispute that could POSSIBLY boil over into a larger mission related issue, REGARDLESS of their sexuality.

    Laughable, simply laughable.

    Nothing has actually changed, and yet EVERYTHING has changed to these blatant homophobes. Visions of old men (and a few old women) imagining themselves being f***ed in the a**, AND SECRETLY LIKING IT(!) come to mind.

    Poor Pentagon closet queers. Pull up your stockings you fat-assed sissy generals and come clean. You KNOW that what you most fear is what you most desire, and national "security" has NOT ONE DAMN thing to do with it.

  6. I have been busy with some other projects. Hope to get back in the saddle soon.

    Thanks for the guest post disaffected.

  7. No problem Dredd. Every now and then the inspiration hits, and the news has been very fruitful of late as well.