Sunday, December 26, 2010

eMail From Michael Moore To Dredd Blog - 2

The Keystone Komplex is at it always ... our pal M. Moore read one of the WiggyLeeks "State Department" cables from bushie paranoia land ... the land duh under:


Twice within four days, my name has popped up in the Bush-era secret cables uncovered by WikiLeaks. Lucky me. Though nowhere near as earth-shattering as the uncovering of American misdeeds in Iraq and Afghanistan, these classified cables provide a stunning and bizarre peek into the paranoid minds of the Bush White House when it came to the subject of one Michael Francis Moore.

And considering how WikiLeaks has released only 1,826 cables of its planned drop of 251,287 -- and I've already played a starring role twice -- I can only say I await with bemused anticipation how the moi-storyline will play itself out.

The most recent secret cable revelation is in today's Guardian newspaper of London. It's entitled, "US Intervened in Michael Moore NZ Screening." Oh yeah, baby! New Zealand! That's where we'll stop Moore and his band of evildoers!

The date was July 30, 2004. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' was already a huge hit in the United States. Just to give you an idea how huge, it had hit #1 at the box office, the only documentary to have ever accomplished this feat, and had made more on its opening weekend than 'Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.'

But it was no easy path to get there. Disney (which owned Miramax) was apoplectic when they saw the final cut. So they pulled the film from its theatrical schedule. Then they put a permanent block on its release, insuring no one would see it. But then the New York Times, in a front page story, reported that the real reason Disney hated 'Fahrenheit' was they were worried about the tax breaks it got in Jeb Bush's Florida for Disney World. This caused some embarrassment, so Disney then sold 'Fahrenheit' to the Weinstein Bros., who said they'd spend their own money to distribute it.

The release of the film caused concern at the White House, as this was the re-election year. They hired a pollster who told them the film might tip the election. That was enough for them to swing into action. Much of July was a nonstop barrage of attacks on me and the movie. But that just resulted in more tickets being sold.

Which brings us to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. There are few nations on earth further away from us. A local chapter of the ruling Labor Party apparently had decided to do a fundraising screening of 'Fahrenheit 9/11.' It was to be hosted by the Prime Minister's Cabinet Secretary for the Environment.

Well, when the U.S. Embassy in Wellington got word of this, it was like all heck broke loose. America was offended! Phone calls were made to the Prime Minister! Then to the Cabinet Secretary! We ... are ... not ... happy!

Apparently, the Kiwis backed down and the Cabinet Secretary withdrew as the host. A sigh of relief whiffed its way through the American embassy. Moore stopped! The cable back to Washington showed the embassy had no problem taking credit for putting the kabosh on yours truly:

"... it is probable that this potential fiasco may only have been averted because of our phone calls -- it is apparent to us that neither the Minister nor anyone else in the Labour government seems to have thought there was anything wrong with a senior Minister hosting such an event."

So here's my question:


I mean, seriously -- really? This is how the Bush State Department was spending its time -- on a single screening of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in freakin' New Zealand? Or maybe ... was this kind of interference happening just to New Zealand? Call me crazy, but I gotta feelin' it doesn't stop there. Just as a health insurance executive has now come forward as a whistleblower to reveal the millions spent to smear 'Sicko,' I can't help wait for that day when the whistleblower from the Bush White House comes forward to tell the fascinating tale of how the Bush team believed they had to do something -- anything -- to stop 'Fahrenheit.' Or worse (like the "Plan B" the health insurance companies discussed -- to "push Michael Moore off a cliff."). I didn't want to think about what the Bush Plan B would be. Just wasn't worth the crazy-making. So I ignored the things I'd hear, kept my head down and motored on.

But, it does make you wonder. And I ask you, is it fair to pose the question: If they were this focused on some insignificant screening in New Zealand, what else were they up to? And I don't mean in regards to me. I mean anyone who was on their enemies list ...

I can't wait to read more classified cables.

Michael Moore

P.S. Of course, given the false claims the State Department made in the other "secret" cable about my movie 'Sicko,' I guess anything was possible.

P.P.S. Don't miss the REAL revelations from just the first batch of WikiLeaks cables. For instance, the Obama administration worked together with Republicans to kill an investigation by Spain into Bush's torture. Pfizer hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on the Attorney General of Nigeria. Bush's ambassador to France planned to "retaliate" against the country for standing up to Monsanto. And we're less than 1% of the way through ...

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  1. Good stuff from Moore. Can't help but smile at the warm memories of the Bush Keystone boys flying off the handle into all-out political damage control. Those were the days huh?

    Unfortunately for Moore, the professional spin machine has only to isolate voices like his, paint them as anti-American and hysterical, then let the professional media do the rest. It's not like a great many Americans are even paying attention anyway.

    WikiLeaks is a little more far-ranging and credible, but once again the smear campaign has worked well. Manning has surely seen his last glimpse of daylight in this lifetime, and Assange has already been sufficiently vilified that he's a questionable character in most people's minds. To the political mainstream that actually decides elections in this country, that story is already over and has been permanently characterized as socio/political comedy at the best, hysterical liberal ranting about stuff they shouldn't be into anyway at the worst. In any case, the critical fingers WikiLeaks point are really directed more at unsavory government practices in general than they are at any one party or individual, and how in the world do any of us propose to fix that?

    Nonetheless, it's a fight that needs to be fought, and as the government continues to perfect it's totalitarian control methods, such insider glimpes - legal or otherwise - are likely the only view we'll ever get of the lying and deception that goes in our name in the halls of democracy and imperialism. Yes, that means that "truth" in this country is now revealed only by guerilla insurgency, and what does that say about the long term viability of our little experiment?

    Little did we know all those years ago that Vietnam was just a preview of coming attractions in a "homeland" near you. I wonder who's gonna win this time? Unfortunately, political insurgency doesn't have much of a tradition over here, while allegiance to the economic and political power brokers who have pledged to defend us still - in spite of all recent events to the contrary - enjoys unparalleled success.

  2. Absolutely compelling piece in the NY times about Deepwater Horizon's Final Hours. Must of been hell on earth for all involved. Excellent commentary on why so many disaster drills are so often totally ineffective. The procedures and technical capabilities to prevent the disaster were all in place, but everyone that could have implemented them simply froze in the enormity of the moment. They simply could not imagine the gravity of their situation - in addition to being totally indoctrinated to protect BP's financial interests at all costs - until it was too late to do anything about it.

    Their operational paradigm was profits first, safety second, and it cost them big time. Even if safety was a very close second, it was still enough to cost them dearly. Even so, it all still comes down to simple cost/benefit analysis to the corporate heads at BP, and I'm not so sure that they still don't consider all off this in retrospect as simply an unfortunate cost of doing business. The actions and comments of their former CEO Tony Hayward in the aftermath would seem to confirm that point of view.

  3. "At critical moments that night, members of the crew hesitated and did not take the decisive steps needed. Communications fell apart, warning signs were missed and crew members in critical areas failed to coordinate a response."

    Deepwater Horizon is the microcosm for the MOMCOM empire / "civilization". It will suffer the same fate in the same way.

    And to think, the elite were on board with the champagne they had brought to celebrate the completion of their safe venture.

    That is so MOMCOM. Take off your clothes baby, you are freezing to death.

  4. "... allegiance to the economic and political power brokers who have pledged to defend us still - in spite of all recent events to the contrary - enjoys unparalleled success."

    There are only a few places where suicide, ecocide, and the self-destruction of civilization are considered to be "unparalleled success".

  5. Deepwater Horizon is the microcosm for the MOMCOM empire / "civilization". It will suffer the same fate in the same way.

    Dredd, I think you're right. Some sort of strategic calculation in a dicey situation - economic, political, or military - will be made that "things are alright, we've been here, done that before," and it will be tragically and fatally wrong. I think it will be a financial event, possibly oil related, that sets the dominoes falling, simply because we're so vulnerable in that area, but it really could be anything.

    On a lighter note, it loooks like we're back to reality in DC with this: No end soon for Guantanamo: White House

    Somehow, I can't imagine this would be any problem whatsoever for someone like Bush if they wanted it closed. It would have been an executive order on Monday and prisoners on flights/ships out of Gitmo on Tuesday. What's the problem? Hint: It's NoBama and his triangulation of "what's politically possible." It's really a shame that we elected such a weasel when the opportunity finally arose to do so much better.

    If and when the next American revolution comes, hopefully we'll have some cells available for the cowards who have implemented this shameful policy.

  6. There are only a few places where suicide, ecocide, and the self-destruction of civilization are considered to be "unparalleled success".


    Unfortunately, one of them is the USA. Too bad for all of us that WE are the paradigm for global advancement. On the plus side, there's this: Natalie Merchant, Motherland

    See now, there REALLY IS a genuine alternative out there, even within this pathetically pluralistic little democracy that we call "ours."

    The message is, yeah, we're fucked up, but at least WE KNOW WE'RE FUCKED UP, AND WE'RE TRYING TO DO BETTER!


    For most people in other times that would be a tragedy, but for most Americans in these times that's simply "a laugh." Make of that what you will. Cheers!