Friday, December 31, 2010

Open Thread


Big Brother turns into Big Bother.

State Judge says use of a satellite & GPS device surreptitiously placed on a citizen's vehicle without a warrant is a violation of law.

Link To Court Opinion musing about Orwellian dangers ... and holding that the use of a GPS to track without a warrant violates the Delaware Constitution.

A Federal Court Muses About Orwell Too, but says Orwell is cool under the Federal Constitution's 4th & 5th Amendments.

Expect the Supreme Five to cast their votes on this GPS issue in the coming months or years ...


  1. Wanna bet which way the Supremes lean on the issue? I thought not. Increased electronic surveillance is the wave of the future for law enforcement and increased permissiveness of such in the name of "security" is the wave of the future for the legal system. Think full body scans at the airports. Not hard to imagine those being greatly expanded as well, with the only limiting factor currently being that great capitalist bugaboo, cost.