Thursday, August 19, 2010

Withdrawal of The Meaning Of Combat

One of the classic techniques of MOMCOM propaganda is to change the meaning of words, thereby changing the entire discussion of a subject without doing anything substantial.

The exercise then becomes Shakespearean, a play on words, a play on subject matter, and a play about deceiving the public about what is really happening.

That is where we are concerning the Iraq war, where we have always been, and the mercenary place we are now going to.

The Iraq war was initiated under false pretence after false pretence, the plot changing, thickening and morphing like a jar head politician caught with a hand or two in the cookie jar.

The oil barons of MOMCOM who run the White House and Congress, when it comes to the subject of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, are in word change mode.

They are redefining the term "combat troop" by changing the meaning of "combat".

Under the old dictionary, a "combat troop" was one who initiated incursions into Iraqi cities or neighbourhoods without provocation.

Those "combat troops" are leaving Iraq we are told, to be replaced with troops who have the same gear, same weapons, same mission, but who are not "combat troops".

The reason they are not "combat troops" is that they will not initiate incursions into Iraqi cities or neighbourhoods without provocation, meaning, they will return an attack only when they are fired upon or otherwise attacked.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

Dredd Blog has pointed out that those who watch the world oil markets carefully are expecting Iraq to be the number one oil producer in the world in a relatively short time.

The billion dollar "embassy" constructed with money taken from Americans against their will (homes, health care, jobs), is MOMCOM headquarters (but not 'military' budget) for manipulating and managing the Iraqi oil in order to save desperado addict economies from withdrawal pains.

Oh MOMCOM, you are so Shakespearean as you lead civilization into the final death spiral by poisoning the world with your imperialistic delusions and your junkie oil.


  1. Excellent post Dredd. Alas, I have "lost the faith" in pointing out such inconsistencies, as I feel they are for once and for all lost on an ignorant and uncaring public. You're a better man than I for keeping up the good fight, and I wish you the best in the future. I just no longer hold out any hope for the long term viability of our civilization.

    That's just me mind you, and I'm not crazy suicidal/destructive or anything like that either. By the same token, I no longer find it productive to find fault in the American global capitalist leviathan which is gonna have its way with us all, like it or not. I'm too old and close to death, I'm no saint anyway, and to tell the truth, I might even be wrong in all my opinions anyway.

    All that said, I've never read a post of yours I disagreed with substantially yet - imagine that! - so keep up the good fight. You are TRULY THE MAN when it comes to gutty, heady, TRULY independent internet bloggers!

    Keep it up man!

  2. disaffected,

    I think readers here have enjoyed your posts and comments for the full on energy you put into them.

    You are as much a part of the free press as the rest of the bloggers.

    Somebody has to be the free press.

  3. Just wanted to let both of you know that even though I rarely comment on these articles I greatly appreciate the service that you both provide through articles and commenting. While it is certainly an uphill fight against the reality TV addicted masses I see people slowly waking up to the reality of our empire, it just takes time for the seed you and others plant to blossom into awareness. The only thing I am unsure of is if enough people blossom before it's too late...

    Either way keep up the great work since without people like you I for one wouldn't have woken up from the fairy tale that is paraded around in almost every major (mainstream?) news publication. You both are true patriots and have my deepest respect.