Friday, August 20, 2010

Cleanup Begins In Deep PR Waters - 2

A recent post (Cleanup Begins In Deep PR Waters) pointed out how the "news" about the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe was being overrun with a desire for a particular outcome in the Gulf of Mexico:
A report released last week by a group of federal agencies led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration stated — without documentation — that early signs show the oil is “biodegrading quickly.” Not so in the southwest plume in late June, the WHOI researchers found. Their measurements of oxygen dissolved in seawater, which bacteria consume as they feed, showed that microbes had not appreciably degraded the oil during its first 5 days out of the well.

Despite the new findings, oceanographers don't yet have a complete picture of subsurface oil. The mass of oil in the southwest plume surveyed in late June “doesn’t hold a candle to the plume we saw” to the southwest in May, says biogeochemist Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia, Athens. And then there’s the plume to the northeast, toward the Florida panhandle. In a close-in survey, the WHOI group found it to be the lesser of the two plumes. But Joye says that at other times researchers have found the northeast plume to be five times as massive. And this week, researchers from the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg led by chemical oceanographer David Hollander announced the first observation of oil droplets from a plume settling to the bottom of the gulf. Apparently, the northeast plume was massive enough to lay down a carpet of oil droplets off of West Florida.
(Science). Dredd Blog has been heads up with this Gulf story, and on the attitude government has toward the public, in terms of informing the citizenry or not informing them.

Dredd Blog has pointed out that government cares little about providing the truth when that truth is contrary to the government's desire to play pretend through PR spin (a.k.a. propaganda).

So we look deeper than these official desires down into the actual waters of the Gulf, relying on independent scientists, relying on studies done before the controversy, and relying on our common sense to detect the reality inside our national waters:
We are not getting the plume truth from this administration or from the oil barons.


Readers of Dredd Blog know we foresaw the likelihood of the disaster three weeks before it happened.
(From State Secrets To State Propaganda). We have even predicted that the invisible, odorless, and tasteless toxins from the dispersant are already in the Gulf Stream:
Instead, take samples like the University of Georgia folk do, be scientific, because the toxins are moving by you Florida, and are in the Gulf Stream now, under the surface.
(Danger Lurks In The Deep Water - 3). The report in Science linked to above indicates that the largest plume has gone somewhere.

Our research indicates that strong currents, including the Loop Current, work together to move Gulf Waters down around Florida then into the Gulf Stream much more powerfully than the federal government wants to believe.

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  1. Some think that the BP oil spill in the Gulf, made orders of magnitude worse by the use of dispersant, have begun to do severe damage on the east coast.

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