Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning Joe Loses It

The main stream media (MSM) has morphed into a drama queen over the years, fuelled by being in bed with MOMCOM as well as feeling commercial pressures that have brought some of them down to the level of the suffering "little people", as BP calls them.

Yesterday Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe on MSNBC (owned & controlled by GE) indicated that John "Agent Orange" Boehner had a reputation of not working hard.

Agent Orange's PAC expenditures of $90,000 on golf, his bar-hopping, voting against helping people on unemployment who have lost homes, jobs, and health care, and his saying the economic crisis was an ant that democrats killed with a nuclear bomb were said to be the well known characteristics of Agent Orange.

Never-the-less, Agent Orange came down on Joe Joe like he did on Barton for apologizing to BP, or like Limbaugh coming down on anyone challenging his right to his madness.

This mad-dog reflex caught Joe Joe by surprise, so today he went into a 1960's style republican apologist's rant against the "anti-war left" for not opposing the Afghanistan war hard enough.

Evidently Joe Joe thought that rant against the "anti-war left" (the majority of Americans) would be an offering to the Agent Orange volcano god who was spewing out hell fire and damnation against Joe Joe.

The lair of social dementia has been stretched a bit by all this drama, so now MOMCOM needs a bigger dress.

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