Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Judge Alex Lifts Ban on Moratorium

A federal judge who owns stock in companies who caused the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe stopped the Obama Administration's moratorium on offshore deep water drilling.

The Obama Administration said "stop until we find out what caused this" but the federal judge, a republican appointed by Reagan, said we need "small government, you can't do that Obama, thus, you oil barons drill baby drill until the wheels fall off".

Tropical storm / hurricane Alex reversed the judge, so the oil barons are beginning to shut down rigs and evacuate workers off the rigs in the western Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

The power of judge Alex trumps the signature of neoCon judges it seems.

The path hurricane Alex eventually takes from here on will determine how many rigs must be abandoned, how much oil will be pushed ashore, and how much of the clean up pig circus will be shut down.

Perhaps it is fair that New Orleans not be hit again, that Texas take the brunt of it this time, but anyway one looks at it, the federal government and big oil are the bad guys in this movie.

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