Tuesday, March 16, 2010

State Crimes Against Democracy - 4

General Truth
The Huffington Post caved into its own paranoia about 9/11, evincing the symptoms of fear, world view immaturity, and social dementia.

As a regular blogger for awhile at Huffington Post, Governor Jesse Ventura (a "controversial" public figure), violated a Mainstream Media Taboo, and was therefore censored by a "progressive" blog:
Editor's Note: The Huffington Post's editorial policy, laid out in our blogger guidelines, prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories -- including those about 9/11. As such, we have removed this post.
(HuffPo). Huffington Post editors chickened out when one of their posters presented an unapproved by the government view of the 9/11 evidence.

One of the goals of despots is to turn the citizens against each other, through fear and loathing, thereby taking their focus off the government.

The underlying psychology the despots are exploiting, and Huffington Post is acting out, is well known:
Research on TMT and SJT strongly suggests that defending the current U.S. political system and its prerogatives post-9/11 requires individual and collective denial to block out any and all information undermining the government's account of 9/11 and hence the archetypal image of "America Under Attack." When a particular mindset governs the collective consciousness to promote a particular agenda, such as the U.S. government's account of 9/11 parroted by the mainstream media without judicious investigation, the result is what McMurtry (2007) refers to as a "ruling group-mind" (RGM) ...
(American Behavioral Scientist Journal, Vol. 53, Num. 6, p. 863, emphasis added). Can you see that this is the "Newspeak" George Orwell talked about in his book "1984"?

Shame on those who fancy themselves as "progressives" while they kowtow to fear, then help the government spread that fear and oppression to fellow citizens.

A free press must serve faithfully to be considered American journalists, but alas, Huffington Post has become hokey.

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  1. :) I am currently on my second HP ID after being kicked of roe repetedly commenting on posts, where I posted the correct info. Sometimes, but not every time I included links to MY governments official information. I have been repetedly accused of 1, being a "teabagger", 2 being a "liberal," 3 being a "pinky commie" fink, 4 being a paid for by foreign governments troll, 5, being anti-semetic, npt to mention an animal rights violater bu folks who have never even read "Black Beauty."

    What is it I post? Oh, stuff like the Dalai Lama being a paid CIA asset, the shrinking map of the west bank, extending my definition of the Ghetto to Gaza, not to mention the dozens of posts where I point out that extendng the MA version of health care nationwide would push the USs impending bankrupcy over the cliff.

    From this I have discovered that the HP is activily practicing mind control thru their over the top censorship activism. Many of those who post under their own names, like JV, accuse me of "being wrong," although it is they who are posting opinions based on their conjured 'facts."

    But, as the US DOS informed me, when I returned home from living in China, and watching the US try to take down China, why the MSM was running false stories and manipulated photos and videos, and why the DIJ didn't insure "the people's right to know," I was "informed" that in the US we have "a free press" that has the right to print anything they want, and the DOS is not required to "correct the record" for the press nor the people." This experience. more tham anything else, made me realize that the MSM has the governments cooperation in psyc-ops.

    I have finally got my new blog up and running.
    Please do, if you have time, give me feedback. take care, Kathy

  2. I would rather live under a government run by the Dalai Lama than by the communist Chinese.

    That said, I think the Chinese folk are great, it is just that I do not like their government.

    The American government is becoming more like the communist Chinese government every day.

    Not good because it is infecting the American citizenry as Dredd points out in this post.

  3. Any government's first job is to defend its own legitimacy. It appears we're about to find out how far that will take us, as our own government has apparently been effectively co-opted by criminal conspirators. If Obama's not actually in on the coup as well (I have questioned his legitimacy in this forum before, wondering if he wasn't a pseudo Democratic stooge installed to discredit the Dems in a period where either party in power was going to take their lumps), I wonder if he is honestly in fear of his life.

  4. disaffected,

    "our own government has apparently been effectively co-opted by criminal conspirators"

    The other theory which fits the facts too, is the possibility that the corruption is an increasing sickness, not a 'moral' problem.

    That theory relies heavily on the notions of toxins of power becoming widespread by the hardening of partisan rhetoric and the fencing in of issues by parties.

    An antidote would be not to have parties, but instead have issues to deal with.

    For instance, what does the energy crisis have to do with any political party, since it effects all parties?

    Is human extinction only an issue for republicans, or does it affect democrats too?

    The focus on one individual or one group exacerbates the problem, when that focus is part of an effort to isolate the problem to that individual or group.

    What should be focused on is accountability, and it should be focused on those in power.

    The way to get rid of the disease, or the criminal conspiracy, if that is the core infection, would be to bring accountability to bear.

    The longer we wait the more medicine (accountability) it will take to halt the spread of the brain gangrene impairing the government.

    Stopping the wars must be the first antibiotic applied IMO, because as James Madison said, "because it comprises and develops the germ of every other" threat to public liberty.

  5. For instance, what does the energy crisis have to do with any political party, since it effects all parties? Is human extinction only an issue for republicans, or does it affect democrats too?

    I agree whole heartedly, which is why I think Obama may have effectively been a "plant." At this point, I'm thinking the elite are using the ruse of an "opposition party" as little more than a ruse to discredit ideas - healthcare reform, environmentalism, military draw down, etc. - before they ramp up current destructive policies once again with renewed vigor.

    In that sense, the two party illusion serves the current powers perfectly and will continue to be capitalized on. Expecting accountability from within such an environment is a fantasy. Amputation or death are the only likely outcomes.

    The current healthcare reform fiasco is a perfect example. Instead of using the tailwind provided by his election last year and pushing for real democratic reform up front like any good negotiator would, Obama and the dems gave away the house right up front, wasted a whole year letting the GOP define the issue, have only now offered up a piece of shit bill that will do little more than line the pockets of the insurance industry, and on top of everything are now gonna use a questionable parliamentary process to pass the thing, which will undoubtedly come back to bite them politically no matter what the outcome.

    Healthcare reform, if passed, will be little more than a thinly veiled GOP policy that they will never have to "own," and in which they'll probably dismantle every provision they don't like soon enough anyway, as "benefits" won't kick in for some time. What's not to love? Almost like they had someone working for them within the opposition party, eh?

  6. The two party system worked ok at times.

    Something has happened, a change over the past decade or so, to make it not work any more.

    War is the germ that spreads the disease which is impairing our country, and there is no cure other than stopping the wars.

    If that is not done the disease will become incurable.

  7. War is even more predictable. If there were no wars to distract the electorate, politicians would have to deal with the very real problems we have here at home. Needless to say, they're not real anxious to do that. Keeping the masses in fear is just good business.

    Here's a prediction I feel VERY safe in making: the active "War on Terror" will not end in ANY of our lifetimes no matter whether the US remains a going concern or not. Whatever power(s) inherit our our mess will pick up the mantle without missing a beat. Write it down.

  8. disaffected,

    You seem to be disaffected ;) ... but considering all the facts, I am forced to agree that it does not look good for human civilization.

    We are advancing to the rear at a high rate of speed, back to the days of Saint Patrick.

    Happy Saint Patty's day and green beer for all (who like it) ...

  9. YT a.k.a. Yours TrulyMarch 19, 2010 at 3:43 AM

    Ladies & Gents,

    What a great site this is. I was just teachin' one o' my lovely students the phrase 'iconoclast' just yesterday & this place here is just swarmed by 'em. Keep up the discourse y'all!

  10. YT,

    i·con·o·clast –noun

    1. a breaker or destroyer of images, esp. those set up for religious veneration.

    2. a person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions, etc., as being based on error or superstition.

    (Dictionary). Wow, I think you have described what journalism should be when necessary.

    Description accepted.