Monday, March 15, 2010

State Crimes Against Democracy - 3

Are we getting over it?

Some newspapers seem to be.

Yes, some of the smaller newspapers seem to be able to face the story that keeps on hanging around:
It might be far easier on our national psyche to deny the vast amount of evidence pointing to inside collaboration on the 9/11 attacks. The implications of an inside job are horrific. How could traitors among us do such a thing? Could we ever admit that we initiated two wars and gross violations of our national values, including torturing suspects and spying on our own citizens, all because of a lie? If the WTC towers were exploded, as the San Francisco group of architects and engineers boldly contend, how have our media, our leaders and we American citizens been so blind?

Yes, to discover the truth about 9/11 would be extremely painful indeed. But not facing the truth and swallowing our government's current lies about the attacks requires that we deny a mountain of powerful, incriminating evidence. If we persist in our denial, we will indeed continue to resemble the sad, sick inmates of "Shutter Island."
(Ashland Daily Tidings). Interesting use of metaphor, especially since the American Behavioral Scientist Journal came out with an entire issue dedicated to the psychology of denial surrounding 9/11 Truther issues.

ABC news may be the first main stream media to break in some small degree, with the paranoia they have harboured and the fear they have helped spread about for years.

ABC covered a local 9/11 Truther event, avoiding the typical rabid ad hominum slander of Truthers for once, but they still did not interview any of the thousands of professionals in the movement, choosing instead, because of their fear, to interview people who did not look like "mainstream people".

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  1. The government will declare martial law before it ever lets the truth of 9-11 come close to being revealed. That's one state secret a whole lot of people will take to their graves if necessary. It's gonna end up being just like the Kennedy case(s). Everyone who's not in complete denial will know it's true, but the cover up will stand anyway.

    It'll be just another chink in the armor that eventually brings the US down - 15-20 years max - maybe much less. The parallels to the USSR are beginning to get eerily similar, although we'll implode in a much more spectacular fashion, taking down what remains of the "integrated global capital markets" facade with us, never to return in any of our lifetimes.

  2. disaffected,

    Yes, many will worship turd blossom and piles of garbage all the way to the grave.

    But like all the times that has been done in history, it will starve their souls and they will die the worst kind of death.

    The rest of us will soak in the flowers on our graves.