Monday, March 22, 2010

Mob Psychology of Congress & Media - 2

The New York Times has set another example for newspapers and the media across the nation.

When the NYT was criticized on Dredd Blog, and many other blogs, for printing a false story which caused a stamped in congress, they looked again and have now admitted wrong.

Like Dredd Blog admitted wrong for having missed coverage in the main stream media of the Truther movement that was not pure slander.

So congratulations to the New York Times.

Newspapers and media around the nation take note and follow this good example.

Congress is on a high right now from the Health Care Reform Legislation, so they can't be bothered with this.

The courts have held, as was reported by this blog, that their stampeded legislation was unconstitutional.

Everyone remember this: the neoCon fascists lie as if it was their supreme right, but we must never believe them again to the demise of ACORN, an innocent who was raped and pillaged by a neoCon mob.

UPDATE: ACORN has reported that will cease to exist.

Even though NYT apologizes for allowing itself to be used as a dagger thrust into the heart of a good organization, which helped the poor and middle class, NYT is still an accomplice, along with congress and some juvenile jerks, to the murder of a good, innocent organization.

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