Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GOP Rock Band: Whining & Carping

The de-evolution of the neoCon political landscape continues as they descend into whining and carping.

Meanwhile, their ideology across the board continues to be rejected everywhere except with the birthers and the astroturfing tea baggers.

They threw political temper tantrums over the location of the trial of accused 9/11 defendants, as well as the nature of those trials, as if they were qualified to express any concept of fair trials.

The last thing they want is a fair trial for anyone other than themselves.

A federal judge has ordered an accused mastermind released after a habeas corpus case.

The man was ordered tortured by Rumsfeld but MOMCOM could not come up with evidence sufficient to hold the man who has been tortured and in custody for ten years.

They lost the health reform debate which one of the Bush II speech writers, David Frum, called their greatest defeat since the 1960's, but instead of doing a man up they whine and carp on.

They continue to slog through their own swamp long after the public left them, long after they caused their political ratings to tank, and long after they caused the reputation of America to tank as badly.

The only worry is that democrats will feel sorry for them and continue to try "bi-partisan" solutions when neoCons do only whining, carping, and gerrymandering.


  1. Lead Singer: Sarah Palin
    Base: Mike Huckabee
    Drums: Glen Beck
    Rhythm Guitar: Sean Hannity
    Tambourine: Ann Coulter
    Organ: Rush Limbaugh

    Producer: Fox News

  2. Dredd,

    They'll be a hit!

    Regarding HCR, I have to wonder once again what the numb nuts are thinking. This was basically a Republican bill, written by Republicans for Republican interests, and yet they're screaming bloody socialism from the rafters. I have to wonder if they've lost their minds so completely that they don't even recognize their own interests anymore, or have they become so dogmatically partisan that they're willing to slit their own throats in the interests of handing Obama a defeat wherever and whenever possible. Their actions have simply veered off the beaten path into the thickets of insanity.

    Maybe they'll surprise us all and unveil some grand master strategy that reveals their insidious political genius for all to see, but I'm not holding my breath. The good news is that if they keep this up the GOP may well become defunct in our lifetimes. The bad news is that the Dems are now further right than the Reagan Republicans were 30 years ago.

  3. disaffected,

    Perhaps their first song could be "The Legend of Inhofe Island" in honor of an island that just went the way of Atlantis, due to rising ocean levels.

    The rising ocean of public awareness is potentially their Waterloo.

  4. They could have John "Agent Orange" Boehner do a guest appearance to sing the hit song "Cry Me A River".