Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowpocalypse Goes Up & Comes Down

It has finally happened.

The fog of war has morphed into the fog of warm.

The "snowpocalypse" is seen by the science challenged neoCons as "the end of the global warming myth".

They hope for the dawn of a new age of oil baron drills, coal tar, and grease.

That is because some of the more mouthy of that ilk are located in areas where it is snowing like it never has snowed before.

Literally, records are being broken even as we blog.

The clue that this change (from "never happened before" to "it really is happening now") is related to climate change evidently never reached their cognitive faculties.

Some minds just do not light up I suppose, so those minds can be convinced that global warming is false just because the refrigerator still keeps their Budweiser cold.

I can imagine them standing on the permafrost of Alaska, where it is very cold, and saying "this place can never be warm". This confuses them from the reality that Alaska can, however, get warmer.

The neoCon politicians are confusing the reality of "warming" with a human feeling we call "warm".

Thus they are not getting the point that "warmer" also applies to the situation where it was -50 below zero then, but it is only -40 below zero now.

In that case it is "warmer", but still not "warm".

Too bad the neoCon language is different from English, or they would understand that "warming up" can even happen in a refrigerator with Budweiser in it.

Just turn the refrigerator's temperature dial down and you will have a warmer cold. Hope that did not confuse Senator Inhofe or Representative Boehner.

The parochial mentality of these Washington neoCon politicians generates an "All Weather Is Local" circular reasoning process inside their cranium, which they cannot seem to break free of.

Perhaps they reason "if NASCAR goes in circles thinking can too, because that's how you win a race".

The old proverb "What Goes Up Must Come Down" is a lesson for the day of the snowpocalyse, then, and the ice melt currently taking place across the globe is a beginning point for thinking about this.

When the ice and snow on mountain tops, glaciers, polar ice caps, and Greenland melt, the moisture goes up.

Then when the conditions morph, that moisture comes down.

When more is going up more is also going to come down, until eventually captured by the oceans.

Then the oceans will also go up, that is, they will rise until we have a new sea level. Yes, puddles drain into creeks, creeks drain into streams, streams drain into rivers, and finally rivers drain into the oceans.

Hey neoCons, go see the movie "Waterworld" for an extreme implementation of that concept, or ask your pastor about the Noah thingy.

Because, then comes the H2Opocalypse.

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