Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Free Press Is Very Far From Here

There is no true free press in the United States, when 5 corporations own 90% of the news media.

One of those five who own 90% of the media is the 5th largest corporation in the nation, and all the other top contenders are oil baron enclaves, except one.

The lack of freedom is especially noticeable when the government wants to suppress the free speech of those who oppose government opinions, and the 90% of the "free" press "willingly" oblige.

It is not that way in all countries, however, for there are some good examples of a true and more free press out there.

One of the largest newspapers, the Asahi Shimbun (the national newspaper with a daily circulation of over eight million) is an example. Japanese newspapers are doing much better than U.S. newspapers are.

Asahi Shimbun has something in common with the Canadian CBC, they do not have to fear their governments like the press in the United States does.

At least when it comes to "conspiracy theories" that is.

The U.S. government has hired people to infiltrate and disrupt certain movements they do not want you to know about.

So, they are pulling the wool over your eyes with your tax dollars, if there is any left over after giving it to those poor needy too-big-to-fail banks.

Yes, propaganda became a world wide effort of the U.S. military during the Bush II years, according to the CEO of the Associated Press.

Too bad he did not know about a site that would have helped him not become a tool of propagandists.

UPDATE: We can add the British Press to those who are not intimidated by MOMCOM.

They just released a report, under threat of the U.S. government not to do so or else, about the U.S. torture of British citizens.

The following seven paragraphs had been redacted. The U.S. government threatened the British government not to release the information:
It was reported that a new series of interviews was conducted by the United States authorities prior to 17 May 2001 [*possible typo?] as part of a new strategy designed by an expert interviewer.

v) It was reported that at some stage during that further interview process by the United States authorities, BM had been intentionally subjected to continuous sleep deprivation. The effects of the sleep deprivation were carefully observed.

vi) It was reported that combined with the sleep deprivation, threats and inducements were made to him. His fears of being removed from United States custody and “disappearing” were played upon.

vii) It was reported that the stress brought about by these deliberate tactics was increased by him being shackled in his interviews

viii) It was clear not only from the reports of the content of the interviews but also from the report that he was being kept under self-harm observation, that the inter views were having a marked effect upon him and causing him significant mental stress and suffering.

ix) We regret to have to conclude that the reports provide to the SyS made clear to anyone reading them that BM was being subjected to the treatment that we have described and the effect upon him of that intentional treatment.

x) The treatment reported, if had been administered on behalf of the United Kingdom, would clearly have been in breach of the undertakings given by the United Kingdom in 1972. Although it is not necessary for us to categorise the treatment reported, it could readily be contended to be at the very least cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by the United States authorities
(British Government). We have published posts on this blog that point out that they were spying on Americans before 9/11, and they were torturing people to get them to lie to the 9/11 Commission.

*UPDATE: The date of "17 May 2001" may be a typo in the court order.


  1. Regarding the US Military propganda machine, after watching the recent Super Bowl hyperbole machine, coming on the heels of the College BCS machine, I was really struck by the military tie ins all along the way. From the color guards, to the BDU clad soldiers holding the field sized US flags, to the cutaways for video greetings from the troops overseas watching the game as they "defended our freedoms," I am continually amazed at how pro sports - and the NFL in particular - wraps itself in the flag and the war effort as a metaphor for their sport. I guess the fact that only the highest paid non-coms in the Armed Forces make anywhere near $50K/yr, while the NFL minimum rookie salary is $295K, with that being the great exception to the rule?

    All of which speaks to the media's need to keep the constant drumbeat of "something's happening" going in the background of our live's to keep us content and asleep, and if it just so happens to reinforce the official version of things (war is necessary and good, fought by honest, selfless, god-fearing and football-loving Americans, but even wars take a break for the gol' darned Super Bowl for freaks' sake!), then so much the better.

    Under Bush II we completed our metamorphosis to a fascist corporate state (although to be fair, Billy Bob Clinton probably "officially" initiated it - the process itself has been decades in the making), and PR is one of the most important arms in the functioning of such a state. Having delivered us Barack Obama and "change we can believe in," which turned out to be merely the same shit as before with a new coat of paint, it would seem that the permanent fix might at last be in. I would expect all future Presidential "models" to be thinly veiled versions of the same ever-cheaper product (gotta keep costs down to keep profits up!), regardless of "party" affiliation. They'll all have annual sexy cosmetic exterior updates of course, but pop the hood, and you'll see the same gas guzzling, low performance, low mileage drive trains as they've always had. After all, in the American corporate fascist state, its style (or perceived value) before substance and profits before truth and value everytime. The rest is just media hyped illusion.

  2. disaffected,

    The neoCondensation continues:

    Comcast wants NBC ...