Friday, February 12, 2010

Building Booms According To MOMCOM


You want jobs?

Get on board MOMCOM's building boom.

In Afghanistan the building boom has produced 700 military bases where the sounds of prosperity can be heard everywhere in the air, along with the screams of ... well never mind ... its a boomy thing.

We recently estimated 800-1000 MOMCOM bases around the world, but doncha know it is hard to keep up with her.

She is such a busy gal taking care of all the little monkey shines you know.

While our home infrastructure crumbles she builds new stuff on foreign soil with the unlimited funds our liberal congress and president give her highness.

Guess we can all hope the liberal president and liberal congress never become conservative warmongers and support the troops (heh heh).

Hey, Obama has totally occupied Afghanistan as if it encapsulates all we need here in America to fix our ageing infrastructure.

Can you imagine how it would help Americans if they could work on 700 cities here, instead of 700 boom bases in Afghanistan?

Then, along with those 700, to let Americans work on another 1000 cities in America, instead of the other 1000 MOMCOM military bases around the world in foreign nations?

Wow, work just might work to produce work ... here in the "homeland"?

In fairness to MOMCOM, I guess those who want to militarily dominate the world do have an argument that if we don't have 1000 + 700 bases we can't dominate the world.

Dominate the world?

To those berserk delusion plagued ideologues I say we need to dominate the needs of Americans, to get over the red neck neoCon fascist imperialistic primitive urges to "control" what no empire ever "controls".

An empire's dream is always a vain mental disease that merely animates the fantasy of "control".

So, when are you suicidal psychopaths going to figure out what planet you are on, and what cosmos that planet is in?


  1. I am surprised we haven't seen a move to massively increase the size of the military. God knows we've got more than enough work for them all to do (and getting more every day), and since we've seemingly lost all fear of deficit spending, this is as good a use for the debt as any. It would also be politically beneficial for whichever party got out ahead of the issue, so I'm really wondering what the holdup is? If seeming to be overly militaristic was the issue (and I don't see how it could be, given Americans' embrace of all things red, white, and blue (or camouflage) that go boom), it could always be sold as more freedom building or some such shit. I'll betcha Palin damn sure proposes it in the run up to 2012, whether she actually gets the nomination or not (and I think she will). What the hell, if we're hell bound and determined to conquer the globe, then I think it's only fair to the military members that we increase their overall size enough that we don't have to kill them all trying. At this point of the game, I'm honestly in favor of just throwing more gas on the fire and burning the place down good, once and for all. Somebody pass me the marshmallows!

  2. disaffected,

    There are probably a lot of people who have that sentiment.

    It would change once the suffering starts and we see dead and dying people all around.

    But if we go into that it is probably not reversible, like a nose dive into the ground, there is a point of no return with the last part of that journey lived in terror, remorse, and regret.

    So, while I understand frustration, the only game in town as far as I am concerned is the fight for sanity.

    Keep up the good fight and reject the bad fight.

  3. Dredd,

    In keeping with the good fight, what I find particularly uplifting is surfing Google Maps street view through some of the more scenic and undisturbed portions of our truly great continent (I rejected the term "nation" purposely). If you've got high speed internet, I recommend it especially. If not, I recommend it anyway. I'm currently on the great Pacific Northwest quest I always wanted to go on.

  4. disaffected,

    Good idea.

    It can remind us of what will be here after the empire is gone. Like in the areas of the great Roman Empire, long gone. Villages, kids laughing, crops growing, vineyards producing, and people better off without the empire's obsessive fantasy of control.