Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Way Out Of Afghanistan Is "Way Out"

In case you were wondering where going with the cash flow generated by the new placate the warmongers bill President Obama just signed takes you, check out the graphic.

In a post appropriately entitled "The great Afghan spaghetti monster", the author states:
The graphic from the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff looks like a tangled ball of multicolored yarn, or perhaps it is the military's depiction of the all-powerful, all-knowing Flying Spaghetti Monster...

Whatever the case, it documents the complex relationships between Tribal leaders, soldiers, aid workers, drug dealers, militants, ethnic groups, government leaders, etc.
(McClatchy News). It could not be better for the intellectual warmongers who have now so entangled us in stupid, costly, and homeland damaging wars it boggles the sane mind.

But not theirs, they are so smart in their own eyes they are opening a new war zone in the Americas south of our border.

In the wise words of the Author of the Bill of Rights, the Father of our Constitution, war and warmongers are our worst enemy.

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