Monday, December 21, 2009

More Tug o' War Then The Final Votes

The Senate Democrats and Independents got past the Republican filibuster of the Senate Version of the Health Care Legislation in a late night vote on a cloture motion made by Senator Reid.

The vote was a classic 60-40 Cloture vote, which will send the current bill to the floor for a debate and for a vote to pass it or not pass it.

Then, since it is different from the House Version of the Health Care Legislation, it will go to conference for final hammering out of final details to fuse the two different bills into one final version of the bill.

Then both the Senate and the House must vote again to accept the Final Conference Bill or not to accept it.

Both the House and the Senate must pass it if it is to go to the desk of the President.

The President and his operatives will be very busy during the Conference Committee proceedings, as will Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi.

There is still a possibility of improving some of the bad aspects of the bill.

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