Monday, December 21, 2009

State Department vs. The Independent

The British Independent has a story to tell which is at odds with The State Department Story concerning 7 military bases in Colombia.

Three of the seven bases are Air Force, two are Navy, and two are Army.

It may turn out that the definition of "soldier" or "troops" will end up being the defining reality of the story, unless the law and treaty with Colombia is changed by congress and Colombia.

Is this a jobs thing for Blackwater which will mean thousands of mercenaries being moved from Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan to Colombia?

The suspicious part is the reactivation, after 58 years, of the 4th Fleet, and now sending them south allegedly to take part in "the drug war".

The drug war that is the real drug war is the drug oil which the U.S. is addicted to, thus, sending the 4th Fleet after marijuana growers is not the real story.

The propaganda is going to crank up for sure.


  1. You'd carry more weight on this matter if you knew how to spell country names correctly.

  2. otto,


    I used to crack up my uncle when we were golfing.

    I would walk up to him as he prepared to tee off, and say "I can play a lot better than I do" ...