Sunday, November 22, 2009

Now The Details Of Health Care Reform

The republican filibuster to stop the health care reform bill in the United States Senate went down in flames last night.

The official vote records show it was 60-39 with one republican Ohio Senator not voting.

Now we can publicly hear the details of the bill, because when they debate the text of the bill both sides will have to provide us with a reference to the bill, then we can look it up to see who is intellectually honest and who is not.

I am suspicious of the intellectual honesty of the republicans at this point, because it was the republicans that did not want us to hear the details in public debate, the republicans who always whine the mantra "let it go to a floor vote" while they have the all time record of not allowing floor votes.

Such republican hypocrisy is not one of the ingredients of intellectual honesty, it is however an indicator of being overcome with the toxins of power.

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