Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Much Will Democrats Pay For War?

Obama did not start it
I mean in the upcoming elections, since they have shown, up until this point, that they will pay any amount for war, but very little for domestic needs.

The people have polled against the wars for years now, to no avail. The people overwhelmingly voted the neoCon republican hawks out, to give the democrats a chance to do what the people want.

Nevertheless, the wars continue, now having lasted longer than WW I and WW II combined.

The spotlight is now turning to the democrats and independents to see what they will do.

Will the democrats and independents have the backbone or will to punish the president and the congress if they thumb their noses at them in an escalation of the Afghanistan war, let the time slip on Iraq and GITMO so the both continue, and continue other Bush II policies the people rejected in the election?

We will find out in less than one year. I already know what I will do. But since the government is powerless to do the proper thing since it became infected with the toxins of power, giving rise to the plunder barons, neither your vote nor mine means anything for real any more.


  1. The Democrats in office, who are not doing the bidding of their constituents, should be punished during the primaries. Otherwise, if we do it during the general election we just wind up punishing ourselves. I only say this because Republicans are almost guaranteed to run someone who met the tea-bagger litmus test.

  2. A democratic member of congress, who has been in touch with voters as he worked the Kennedy replacement election, got a feel for how the voters feel.

    He opened the House democratic caucus with YOU'RE SCREWED ... due to the escalation of the Afghanistan war and joblessness ...