Friday, November 27, 2009

Book Politics Makes Strange Duplicities

Oil-Qaeda's Sarah Thuh I and Sarah Thuh II
There is a story out that Sarah Palin met a look-alike (not Tina Fey) during her book tour.

It was purported to have happened near a town in the Appalachians, where two fans were waiting in line to purchase a copy of her book.

Is there a possibility that the Sarah Palin twin and Sarah Palin also have similar looking twin fans?

She asked the two fans, pictured below, why they were only buying one copy of the book.

They told her they could not read but had heard a lot of good things about her.

The two fans of Palin are "clean coal" lobby activists who were also seeking to find out if Palin's "spill baby spill" environmental policy would be compatible with their "flatten baby flatten" mountain top coal mining policy.

Oil-Qaeda's Darrel Thuh I and Darrel Thuh II
It is not clear whether or not the story is just a rumor, but evidently the two fans of Palin are also birther / tea baggers who were asking Palin if she would read her book to them, since they are such avid supporters of her presidency.

They were startled when the "other Palin" came into the store, surmising that either there were now two Palins or their moonshine still had become contaminated.

So, being extremely superstitious, they both ran from the store yelling something mavericky, while heading straight to the local church.

At the church they swore off moonshine and were saved, then hit the rogue campaign trail looking for Joe / Joe the Plumber, who wants Sarah's look alike to run as Vice Sarah.

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