Monday, September 14, 2009

Does Currency War Lead To Trade War?

During the Wall Street speech President Obama mentioned the tariffs he had placed upon some Chinese products sold in the United States, but he did not mention that China is retaliating, which is an escalation, in the current context.

The current context is that China has been lobbying and advocating that the U.S. Dollar be removed as the world business currency, and that a new dollar replace it.

We have been monitoring the progression of this background aggression against the U.S. Dollar led by China, and now agreed to by half the world.

Nor did he mention that Wall Street is fighting very hard against reform, instead, he spoke different words than what had been written and provided before the speech to the press, saying Wall Street was only "resisting".

Arianna Huffington did not miss the change in the speech, nor that his softening will not bring the results his administration seeks.

In either the Wall Street case or the China case, I will add.

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