Saturday, June 20, 2009

"We Would Not Cheat" - Iranian Mullah

The Iranian mullahs are demanding that everyone keep the faith baby and realize they would not cheat, being holy men and all.

These leaders demand this trust in them as they use guns, clubs, water cannon, and disrespectful rhetoric on those who are protesting the results of the Iranian election. In other words they cheat as they say they do not cheat. A sure pattern, meme, and characteristic of a neoCon.

Immature democracies and mature despotic regimes call for faith and trust in the government often when their regime is being questioned.

Mature democracies, like the U.S., use the same spirit when they go into decline and want to hide the truth from the people; "state secrets", executive privilege, congressional privilege, and similar notions are advanced as reasons the government should be trusted while the evidence is being hidden from the people.

In our system the people consider that to be a failure when a government has to ask for or demand faith from the people in place of the evidence.

Faith is something for the gods, not government in the hands of mere mortals.

The congress yesterday unanimously impeached a federal judge in Texas for such behaviour, since he had demanded trust while he lied to federal investigators and sexually abused staff members.

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