Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Russian Roulette and Election Integrity

This post has been moved to prepare for next year's posts.


  1. This is no surprise. Agent99 is right woos left, imho. She has a dog in the hunt. Her crowd is going to the "impending invasion of Iran well" once again. Brad is hanging onto a thread of gravitas that was gift-wrapped to him from proven conman Brett Kimberlin. I will say that Jeannie seemed very sincere in her shock at being set upon by the attack dog.

    I don't read BradBlog too much anymore. I did notice Cindy Sheehan got thrown under the bus by Raw Story and also BradBlog people. What folks don't realise, and what I have been on about for a couple years, is that a lot of these "progressive" bloggers are tied to the hip.

    I agree with you that the best evidence is the sheer number of Iranians upset with the election count.

    So now Brad is on Fox TV. First it was Maryscott O'Connor, and now this guy.

    I scrounged through the various links you provided. It seems like the typical same old, same old. Whether Agent99 is Brett, Larisa, or someone we've never heard of, her posting does not pass any proverbial stink test.

    I predict Agent99 will retire or be relieved of duty. There seems to be nowhere to go on the net where people can have a civilised dialogue. I'm sorry, but I sincerely believe the internet is rigged, and that this has been proven. 99's rigid conspiracy theory is yet again too over the top. It doesn't seem organic.

  2. Yes on update #2. Brad has never made the compelling case that the elections were stolen through electronic machines. It's possible. But it was never proven. Brad and Bev put all their eggs into the black box voting basket. I wonder how much money they have pocketed, in return for proving nothing. How much is Brett Kimberlin now worth? How much money have people donated to Velvet Revolution?

    If one goes into the hidden history of BradBlog and its ties to the Speedway Bomber and various hoaxes such as "Michael Connell was threatened by Karl Rove," one will see that all roads are leading to what appears to be a confidence scheme.

    Brad couldn't care less about the finds on Steven Hertzberg of the Election Science Institute. He couldn't have cared less about Strider, until Dredd got in his blogospheric face.

    There you have it. Two bloggers, myself and Dredd, took Brad's challenge to be the media. We uncovered stuff on Republican political operatives. But good luck to anyone else who wants to "Be The Media" on so-called progressive forums. True peaceniks, intellectuals and progressives need not apply.