Monday, June 15, 2009

The NeoCons Of Iran Fool Progressives

While world leaders react cautiously to the Iranian election, many young and politically active Iranians who feel that the election was a sham do not react cautiously.

For the record, from my perspective Ahmadinejad is the Iranian Bush II, and his supporters are the Iranian neoCons; the song The Universal Soldier, by Donovan, comes to mind; but I would morph it into "The Universal neoCon" to help make the point.

Ahmadinejad has the fundamental memetic pattern of Straussian neoCon "scholarship", one of which is to revise history to fit one's own historical misconceptions and dogma. Ahmadinejad denies the holocaust as do some fake progressives.

UPDATE: Reza Aslan has an interesting post on this issue at The Daily Beast.

UPDATE 2: The "street recount" taking place massively is decisive to me.

Ahmadinejad lost and zillions of people are risking their safety to vote again in public, not in secret.

Sorry, but I give full credence to those who will vote while staring down the barrel of neoCon weaponry and declaring who they voted for.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets across the land, with none of Ahmadinejad's people there (except those shooting protesters) to counter, tells the story loud and clear.

This is the people's recount, and I give it all due respect and credence, but I cannot do the same for the pronouncements of a government repressing and shooting those who are declaring their vote out loud.

Message to Iran: Do a re-vote with the two major candidates, and do it with international oversight, or be considered an illegitimate government.

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