Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tired of Light Dogma?

From time to time I tend to point out unconventional cosmological theories for your perusal.

I do it because I do not think the officialdom of establishment science can claim to have every scientific hypothesis right all of the time.

After all, hypotheses have to be revised so often that it really helps the textbook companies to prosper.

Therefore we challenge the theories from time to time to test them, and to pop any bubbles of dogma when we find them.

So check out the contrast in Red Shift and Tired Light way of explanation, versus the everything is expanding explanation behind the Hubble Constant.

Then for extra credit, decide which one best explains The Space Blob, a new critter sure to send some more textbooks to the great shredder in the sky.

An interesting hypothesis suggests that space dust is the source of the red shift.

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